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Drama, Biography, Sport
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Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro as Jake La Motta
Cathy Moriarty as Vickie La Motta
Joe Pesci as Joey
Frank Vincent as Salvy
Nicholas Colasanto as Tommy Como
Theresa Saldana as Lenore
Mario Gallo as Mario
Frank Adonis as Patsy
Joseph Bono as Guido
Frank Topham as Toppy
Charles Scorsese as Charlie - Man with Como
Don Dunphy as Himself - Radio Announcer for Dauthuille Fight
Bill Hanrahan as Eddie Eagan
Storyline: When Jake LaMotta steps into a boxing ring and obliterates his opponent, he's a prizefighter. But when he treats his family and friends the same way, he's a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any moment. Though LaMotta wants his family's love, something always seems to come between them. Perhaps it's his violent bouts of paranoia and jealousy. This kind of rage helped make him a champ, but in real life, he winds up in the ring alone.
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Gritty yet still maintains beautiful artistic illustration (Like most of Scorsese's movies in that period)
The partnership between revolutionary director Martin Scorsese and iconic actor Robert De Niro which spanned for about 20/25 years will forever be remembered by critics and fans as one of the greatest periods for cinematic achievement. A time were both of these legends peaked in their careers. Of course there were other actors involved (Joe Pesci, Frank Vincent, etc) But the two constants of these movies were Scorsese and De Niro. They are credited with making some of the greatest movies of all time IE; Taxi driver, Raging bull, Goodfellas and Casino just to name a few. These movies have received marvellous critical acclaim and continue to be loved even after 30 after some of them were made. They gave us a look at a world most of us had never seen, the underworld of society. They made us feel for characters we wouldn't usually associate with. And they set a standard for their type of movie which hasn't yet been conquered. But as much as I could talk all day about how these two geniuses revolutionised cinema the main concentration of this review will be based on the 1980 movie raging bull. To an outsider given only a vague idea to the story of Raging bull it is just another boxing movie. But if we look deeper into the surface we find that it is much more. It is more than just another rocky movie, it's not about a brain dead boxer who tries hard and wins it has much more deaph than that. The movie tells the story of an emotionally self destructive boxers rise (ish) And fall. It is a study of a man (Jake La Motta played by De Niro) who keeps knocking himself down everywhere he goes in life. A man who we learn more and more about throughout the course of the movie. We see he abuses the women in his life he sees them as slaves not human beings. We see throughout the course of the movie that he ends up despising himself. We see that he will be willing to change himself just for the sake of masculinity something which most men can relate to. The boxing ring is nothing more than a symbolic parallel to his life outside it. it's almost as if he is punishing himself for what he has done in his life. La Motta ends up in a state were he doesn't demand pity but the audience feels sorry for him anyway. Although La Motta is a scumbag we are still interested and relating with the character throughout the 2 hour long movie. Scorsese makes Raging bull a lot more classical with the use of classical music throughout the films gritty tale it gives us a feel of beauty beneath the surface of this man tough guy exterior.

The film won Robert De Niro a best actor in a leading role Oscar although Scorsese's fully deserving best director Oscar went to Robert Redford.
Classic piece of Scorsese's works
Many people think "Raging Bull" is the very greatest of all Scorsese's movies. I have to admit I don't agree on that one. Three of the best ones in my opinion are the following. My absolute number one favorite is without a moment of doubt the phenomenal "Goodfellas" - the most spectacular look at the life of a mob that has ever been captured on a film. "The King of Comedy" - unfortunately Scorsese's most underrated masterpiece. Brilliant script, magnificent actors (Jerry Lewis having actually one of his craziest roles), hilarious humor. Perfect in all the ways you can think of. Both of these larger-than-life flicks are in my "all time top 10". Scorsese's number three is definitely the terrific "Taxi Driver" - memorable piece of cinematic art and maybe the greatest movie of the 70's (after "One flew over the cuckoo's nest", of course).

"Raging Bull" comes right behind these three immortal classics. The way Robert De Niro's Jake La Motta transforms from strong and a powerful young boxer into an overweight slacker and a yesterday's star is probably the mightiest part of this movie. De Niro truly is an undeniable genius who puts everything in the role his working with. This is one of the many cases you can say that Oscar certainly went to a right address. What a shame Joe Pesci didn't receive another one from the splendid supporting role as La Motta's brother Joey. Boxing scenes are fabulous - so cruel, bloody and realistic audience feels like they're in the ring too. Even though this is "just" the fourth best Scorsese picture it unquestionably deserves 10 out of 10. Wild classic and quite likely the finest motion picture about boxing.
The Story of a Brother, Husband, Boxer, Comedian and Human Being
I've been wanting to watch 'Raging Bull' for a long time. Finally 'got the collector's edition DVD and watched it. Now I can see why people call it one of the best movies. Yes, I absolutely loved it but it's one of those films that makes you think (long after the credits have rolled) and when you think about it you understand it better and appreciate it more.

The screenplay is tight, concise and balanced. There's been some very skillfully wonderful editing. Nothing is loud or over the top or irrelevant to the main plot. Cinematography deserves mention as the camera movements are fantastic and very effective. Lighting and sound effect deserve mention too (as its a black and white movie and must have been one of the hardest tasks to achieve, while the sound is very well balanced).

'Raging Bull' tells the story of the infamous Jake La Motta (played excellently by the one and only Robert de Niro). Its classification as a boxing movie is totally erroneous because the film is just too much more for it to be labelled as such. And by giving such a label one would be ignoring it's brilliance. Yes, boxing is a part of Jake's life (it's what he does for a living) and that's how it's portrayed. It hardly had any significant resemblance to other Boxing movies like Rocky etc. The film is more about his relationship with his brother and wife, his ups and down in his professional life ie, his rise and fall to and from fame.

'Raging Bull' belongs to Robert de Niro but Joe Pesci (as the brother and manager) and Cathy Moriarty (as the wife) are equally effective in their smaller roles. The relationship between the brothers was very moving and one can't help but feel bad for La Motta when he tries to reach out to his brother in one of the final scenes. Moriarty gives a very subtle performance of the tolerant wife.

Even though we see La Motta as this mean hateful jerk, we see his vulnerable side and feel sympathy. Maybe that's also why his wife Vickie stood by him through all these years. It's also interesting to see that he wasn't physically abusive to his previous wife but towards Vickie he was quite violent. His brother too tries to protect him and his family (although he has his share of flaws) but in the end when La Motta's paranoia takes over things go from sour to very bad. We just see how human these characters are and at times we hate them, we like them and we feel sorry for them.

Martin Scorsese deserves special mention for putting this beautiful piece of work on the glass canvas. He obviously has a very compelling way to tell the story. It is without any doubt one of his finest works and it has stood the test of time (one of the greatest achievements for a director I suppose).
Raging Bull explores the soul of a profoundly violent man and search for the human core buried deep inside him.
Raging Bull is one of the bloodiest and most beautiful reflections on atonement in director Martin Scorsese's canon... it's still one of the cinema's most breathtaking films. It chronicles the rise to fame of an unlikable but virtually unstoppable middle-weight boxer (Robert De Niro), based on the autobiography of Jake La Motta, nicknamed the Bronx Bull.

Filmed largely in black-and-white, this tough, compelling, powerfully made melodrama takes us uncomfortably close to the jarring action in the ring. An astonishing performance from De Niro, who inhabits the role to an eerie extent, and Scorsese orchestrates events with the aim of capturing the crunching reality of this world. It's brutal, and not a single character truly engages one's sympathy, but there's undeniably a visual poetry about it.
There is a reason why they are referred to as the greatest....
From my understanding, before this film was made, Martin Scorsese, arguably America's greatest filmmaker, was at the end of his rope. He was about to call it quits. His good friend, arguably America's greatest film actor, Robert De Niro, approached him with a book he had read. The title of the book was Raging Bull. After some coaxing, Robert finally convinced his friend to do the film, and it resulted in a MASTERPIECE!!!!!

"Raging Bull" is the story of former boxing middleweight champion Jake La Motta, and his penchant for self-destruction. La Motta is not in the least a nice guy. He is well, a jerk, who eventually drives any and everyone who has ever cared about him out of his life. He evolved from a lean, trim boxer to an overweight loser who owns a night club.

This film currently ranks on AFI's 100 Greatest Movies at #24, and for very good reason. It contains arguably THE GREATEST acting performance in the history of cinema, by arguably the greatest actor in the history of cinema, directed by arguably the greatest director in the history of cinema. But together, nothing needs to be argued, they are the greatest tag team in the history of cinema. Robert De Niro is flawless, superb, excellent, amazing, any positive adjective is warranted by his performance. There is a reason why they call him the greatest actor. This is it. (also "Taxi Driver") Naturally, Scorsese's direction is flawless, and Thelma Schoonmaker's editing will pretty much speak for itself. The black-and-white(or tinted monochrome) was an ingenious touch, similar to William Friedkin's gunshot at the very end of "The French Connection". It is the most beautiful movie I have ever seen, if it were a woman I could only beg to drink its bathwater. Joe Pesci is excellent as Jake's brother Joey, as is Cathy Moriarty as Jake's long suffering wife. It is sad when you realize that De Niro will never act that great again, but you find solace in the fact that he once did. He is maybe my favorite actor, Scorsese maybe my favorite director, and I only hope to have a millionth of the impact they've had on film. Far superior to "Rocky", even though Rocky is very good and contains maybe the most inspirational theme song ever.

This film was criminally robbed of 1980's Best Picture and Best Director Academy Awards, by "Ordinary People", another one of those dysfunctional family drama's. The Academy has since lost a huge amount of credibility, but I find solace in the fact that they honored De Niro with an award for Best Actor, in a performance that warrants two of them and makes me want to shine his shoes.

The film gets nothing less than a 10. It was voted the film of the 1980's decade. I agree wholeheartedly.

Scorsese and De Niro forever.
A talented yet emotionally self-destructive boxer's life outside of the ring is destroying any chance that he has to be truly successful.
Right from the start, he's fighting. Fighting in the ring, fighting with the judges, and most of all, fighting with himself. After the first match that we see him in, we see that Jake La Motta is just as much of a fighter with his gloves off as he is with them on, possibly even more so. His home life is very troublesome; with a marriage where every interaction results in an argument, and a brother/manager who only patronizes him even more, being a great boxer is not what he thought. With every winning decision, his life out from under the stadium lights becomes worse. He meets an 18-year-old girl, and her personality is, shall we say, flirtatious in a bad way. It doesn't take long for his jealousy and covetousness of his young wife soon becomes a major distraction, and as the middleweight title gets closer, so does his demise. Considered by most as one of the best sports movies of all time (alongside Field of Dreams, Rudy, Remember the Titans, and Hoosiers), Raging Bull is a great film not only about boxing, but also about a man who is a boxer. One major difference between this film and fellow boxing classic Rocky is that the movie shows more about life outside of the ropes than it does inside. With the total screen-time of actual bouts at roughly 15 minutes, the sport is simply the background to the story of La Motta. What this movie truly is about is a man who is unstable in his everyday life, and he struggles to keep himself from ruining his own career. In this film, Robert De Niro delivers one of the best performances not only of his career, but also possibly of all time. Famously gaining 60 lbs. to play the last part of this character's story, De Niro's performance as the real-life boxer La Motta brought the very intense story to the big- screen. As one of his two Oscar-winning performances, De Niro turned in everything he had, and came home with the deserved recognition. In addition to the Best Actor, Raging Bull also was nominated for Picture, Sound, Supporting Actor for Pesci, Supporting Actress for Moriarty, Director, Sound, Cinematography, and Film Editing, winning the last one. I personally thought that the sound, cinematography, and directing were definitely worthy of their Academy recognition. This film came 4 years after director Martin Scorsese's successful film Taxi Driver, which also featured De Niro. Like Taxi Driver, this film also incorporates the social ineptness of a man, and how this difficulty has an effect on the people around him. At some point between after 1976, Martin Scorsese had become severely addicted to cocaine, and an excessive dosage one day left him in a hospital room. While visiting his great friend, Robert De Niro brought up the idea of making a film based on a book that he had recently read about an old boxer. Though at first hesitant, Scorsese delved into the story of La Motta, and he made this classic as a result. Now I must remind you, this is a rated R movie, and it is deservedly so. As one may expect, the boxing sequences are pretty brutal, with blood and pain visibly flowing throughout. Outside of the ring, both Jake and Joey La Motta engage in many heated arguments, and the language within these scenes is R-worthy in itself. Though nothing is shown, Jake's wife Vicki is very "friendly" with people, and we hear about it in pretty specific detail. With these warnings listed, I still fully promote this film. This is truly a classic film, and if you are able to endure the violence and language, Raging Bull is a must-see for anyone interested in cinematic history. This is definitely a film that requires one's attention. It is not a movie that necessarily keeps the viewer on the edge of his/her seat, and it is more about the story. The pacing is slow at times, and it can lull for a small amount of time. I definitely loved this film, and I wholly recommend this film.

A Classic Film by even today's standards!
Martin Scorsese, Joe Pesci, and Robert DeNiro: When these guys get together, you know something big is going to happen and this film is a perfect example of great quality. Raging Bull is Jake LaMotta's rise and fall as an athlete to a nightclub performer. I think this is the film that Joe Pesci shows that even little guys can cause the most harm. When DeNiro and Pesci play the La Motta brothers, you believe it because they have such great chemistry with each other. I don't think Pesci was ever intimidated by Scorsese or DeNiro. This film earned DeNiro his second Academy Award and you can see why. Not only is the transformation, physical but emotional and psychological as well. These characters are flawed, human, and believable with great cast of actors. Don't forget Cathy Moriarty who was discovered to play Jake's young second wife. Even at 18, she can play younger and older and believable. His second wife can be beautiful and smart but trapped in a fractured marriage. She deserved her Academy Award Nomination for Best SUpporting Actress because she can handle herself against DeNiro and we see how he fell in love with her. Don't forget Pesci's wife is played Theresa Saldana who does hold her own. This film shows that black and white can still be beautiful film work. Nicholas Colasanto from Cheers is also in the film as well in a small role. Scorsese's best films are with DeNiro and Pesci at least in my opinion. At the end of the film, I wanted to know more about these characters.
Difficult to watch but an absolute masterpiece
Contains possible spoilers.

First of all I should qualify this comment by saying that I am a massive fan of Scorsese - pre-Cape Fear anyway. This is definitely his masterpiece (although Goodfellas gives it a run for its money) and the finest of his collaborations with Robert De Niro. The fact that its shot in black and white works very well because it gives it an authentic feeling - sometimes its easy to forget that this film was made in 1980 and not 1940. Robert De Niro gives his all in arguably his best performance. The scene where his punches the cell wall and bangs his head against it is incredibly difficult to watch and possibly the best single piece of acting I have ever seen on film. He IS Jake La Motta for the 2 hours of this movie. The way he gets inside the psyche and mindset of a brutal cold hearted beast like La Motta is admirable to say the least and absolutely mindblowing to be honest. Yes this film can be hard to watch simply because La Motta is such an unlikeable guy and his self destructive personality is difficult to warm to. The domestic violence he inflicts on his wife is particularly hard to swallow but it's this violent and abhorrent behaviour which makes the character so compelling whilst so unlikeable.

The cinematography of the fight scenes is simply amazing. On the DVD it explains that Scorsese put a fire underneath the camera lens to get the hazy appearance of some of the shots - genius. The scene which sticks in my mind most vividly is where Sugar Ray Robinson is destroying La Motta and his face explodes in a burst of blood and broken noses. The shot of La Motta's blood flying into the faces of the boxing judges is pretty gruesome, as is the shot of his blood dripping from the ropes after he loses the fight.

What makes this film so powerful is the fact that is based - quite accurately - on Jake 'The Bronx Bull' La Motta's real life. He appears on some of the special features of the DVD. Now a frail, cracked faced old man, he cracks jokes and comes over as quite a charmer. But having seen his antics portrayed so convincingly by De Niro in the movie, it still isn't easy to like him.

This really is a magnificent film. Superb acting from the ever brilliant De Niro and good support from Joe Pesci and Cathy Moriati complement Scorsese's stunning direction. One of my top 3 films of all time along with Amelie and Shawshank Redemption. Do not miss.
Raging Bull is simply great.
I went to the movie store, bought Raging Bull, quickly drove home, put Raging Bull in the DVD player, and then sat on the couch. The boxing bell loudly rung right after I pressed play, and I felt as if I was the one in the ring getting ready for the fight since I was so nervous about being disappointed after seeing this film since my expectations were so high. I can give you one word that I said after I saw this film, 'Wow'. Raging Bull exceeded my expectations.

Raging Bull isn't a movie about boxing. It's about Jake LaMotta's (Robert De Niro) life outside of the boxing ring. It's about frustration, rage, jealousy, deterioration, family, self confidence, etc. We see how Jake deals with all of his problems outside of the ring. We see all of the regretful choices that he makes that end up coming back to haunt him. We see how he had everything when he was on top, but then is soon left with nothing, nothing worth living for. We see the rise and fall of Jake LaMotta's life.

Martin Scorsese does an amazing job with Raging Bull. He creates a masterpiece with an adaptation and representation of Jake LaMotta's life. Yes folks, for those who didn't know, this movie was based on a true story. His directional take on this film is near perfect, and he is one of the big reasons why Raging Bull works almost perfectly.

The acting in this film is excellent. Robert De Niro is spectacular, his representation of Jake LaMotta is near perfect. He deserved the Oscar that he received for his role in this film. Joe Pesci also turns in a great performance as Jake LaMotta's brother (Joey LaMotta) and also deserved the Oscar he was nominated for. Cathy Moriarty does a great job as the battered wife of Jake LaMotta, her delivery of lines and expressions made me believe that she was the wife of Jake LaMotta. The rest of the cast does an overall good job, they play their part like they should, and they all do it well.

Overall, Raging Bull is a must see film for all of the movie lovers out there. Even if you don't love movies, you should go out and pick up this film as soon as possible. I actually liked that this movie was in black and white, I honestly think that it makes it work better. I had my doubts about the black and white colouring when I picked it up, but I now actually prefer and liked that they shot it in black and white. I can see how people believe that the ending dragged on a bit, and I can agree with that to a point, but I believe they needed to show those scenes since that's actually how it all played out in LaMotta's life. Raging Bull works on all cylinders, from the film editing to the cinematography, it's just truly great all around.

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