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Drama, Action, History, War
IMDB rating:
Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks as Capt. John H. Miller
Tom Sizemore as Sgt. Mike Horvath
Edward Burns as Pvt. Richard Reiben
Barry Pepper as Pvt. Daniel Jackson
Adam Goldberg as Pvt. Stanley Mellish
Vin Diesel as Pvt. Adrian Caparzo
Giovanni Ribisi as T-5 Medic Irwin Wade
Jeremy Davies as Cpl. Timothy P. Upham
Matt Damon as Pvt. James Francis Ryan
Ted Danson as Capt. Fred Hamill
Paul Giamatti as Sgt. Hill
Dennis Farina as Lt. Col. Anderson
Joerg Stadler as Steamboat Willie
Max Martini as Cpl. Henderson (as Maximilian Martini)
Storyline: Opening with the Allied invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944, members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion under Cpt. Miller fight ashore to secure a beachhead. Amidst the fighting, two brothers are killed in action. Earlier in New Guinea, a third brother is KIA. Their mother, Mrs. Ryan, is to receive all three of the grave telegrams on the same day. The United States Army Chief of Staff, George C. Marshall, is given an opportunity to alleviate some of her grief when he learns of a fourth brother, Private James Ryan, and decides to send out 8 men (Cpt. Miller and select members from 2nd Rangers) to find him and bring him back home to his mother...
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Spielberg Takes Us To War
The genius of Steven Spielberg is that he always knows exactly where he wants to take his audience, and then takes them there. If he wants to tug at our heartstrings, he'll make us fall in love with a brown and wrinkly space visitor we might otherwise find grotesque. If he wants to make us inch the blanket up over our eyes, he'll crank up the grim orchestral music and put us face-to-face with a toothy Great White. And if he wants us to truly understand an entirely different kind of horror, he'll show us small children leaping into a pool of outhouse waste to escape their murderous Holocaust captors.

Spielberg continues what he does best with SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, a film so graphic in its Second World War battlefield depictions that many veterans have called it the closest thing to being there. The explicit scenes of gushing arteries, severed limbs and faceless corpses come fast and furious, numbing us into the reality of the setting. In fact, if we didn't know Spielberg as a serious artist with noble objectives, we might be tempted to call him a shock artist obsessed with blood and guts and gore.

But we do know about Spielberg. We know he would not take us down such a rocky road without a reason. In SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, the obvious rationale is to help us understand not where he's coming from, but where the men we will ultimately spend nearly three hours with are coming from. It's in this hell on earth that Cpt. John Miller (Tom Hanks) and his small group of soldiers (fine actors like Edward Burns, Tim Sizemore and Barry Pepper among them) must not only survive with sanity intact, but carry out orders. And not all of those orders make sense at the time, if ever. Case in point, Hanks and his men are sent to locate one Pte. James Ryan (Matt Damon). Pte. Ryan is no POW, but a soldier still serving somewhere within the vast U.S. Forces -- if he's still alive, that is. During the Second World War, with a communication system that is a technological dinosaur by today's standards, it's a mission ordered said than accomplished.

The mission is a tough sell not just logistically, but emotionally. Pte. Ryan is sought so he can be sent home to his mom, who has just lost her three other sons virtually at once. As he himself admits, Pte. Ryan has displayed no more courage than his fellow soldiers. Why should he get to leave? Indeed that question crops up in the minds of Hanks' soldiers. Why is one man's life worth risking those of a group of men? they ask. It's an interesting angle for a film about heroes. We often think of soldiers doing the job with no questions asked, happy to put their lives on the line for their fellow GI. We forget they are rational humans.

And therein lies one of the biggest strengths of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. It's a very human story told in extreme circumstances. It covers all the traditional bases -- inner turmoil, terror, carnage -- but has a level of sophistication absent from most other war films, particularly those inspired by The Last Great War. Hanks isn't Patton, but a schoolteacher who secretly cries at the enormity of it all. The enemy fighters don't have horns, but uniforms and feelings just like the Americans. The soldiers are heroes, but reluctant ones.

Spielberg is a master at telling the story of war and men. SAVING PRIVATE RYAN is not his best, but it certainly comes close.
People should know the facts.
Especially that Joe guy below. There is a big difference between an ordinary German soldier and a Nazi. Ordinary soldiers fought for their country, just like the Americans. They thought it and their lives were in danger, just like the Americans. Many Americans found out their enemy was just like them.

Now, people the belonged to the Nazi party, and their own personal military, the SS, were the ones who killed the countless number of Jews.

Anyway, this movie was much overrated. It really does demonize the Germans. I mean, my father was one of those men and they suffered as well. All he wanted was for Hitler to die and for the war to end.
Pro war, sentimental, and manipulative
Saving Private Ryan is an example of a genre of film making that should have died out long ago. Far from being anti war, it is a glorification of war. While the Americans are righteous, the Germans are evil, and Spielberg invites us to enjoy the spectacle of their death. German prisoners should be murdered, (or else they will come back and kill you, so do it to them first).
a MUST see!!!!
i first saw this movie on T.V. one night with my father, but only saw bits and pieces. I decided to rent it one night and watched the whole thing in my basement. From the start to the finish i thoroughly enjoyed the movie.i had seen a couple other world war two movies, but none of them compared to this. it was interesting how Spielberg made everything look like it was back then, with the costumes, weapons and scenery!!! overall, this movie seemed like one of the best out there, and i personally think it's spielbergs best. If you haven't seen it yet, then i HIGHLY recommend you go out and rent it some time. It's a great movie and definitely worth watching!
Inhumanity brought to life to save humanity
D-Day. Operation Overlord. What we say here cannot do justice to what they did on that day. Tom Hanks and his patrol must recover Private James Ryan before his mother gets her fourth flag delivered by an Army chaplain. It all makes perfect, illogical sense to kill many to save one.

After surviving the Normandy landing, Hanks is volunteered to put his men in the line of fire again and again. Just to save one man.

Or is it?

A bridge is saved, a town is secured, a bigger battle is won..All because Hanks saved one shoe for one horse...

Beautifully realistic to make the atrocities of war invade, assault, and overpower all five senses. You feel the bullets whizzing past your head. You see the man looking for his arm after it was blown off is shoulder. You smell the burning hatred for the Nazis as one US soldier yells to his comrades "Don't shoot them..let them burn."

It is too much to watch..but you have to see it.
My favorite movie of all time
If it weren't for the group of people with a personal hatred of America and our military, this movie would have a higher overall rating on IMDb. This movie is phenomenal. From the horrific depiction of D-Day in Normandy to the final battle, this movie keeps you entertained and worried for the safety of the main characters. This movie will tug at your heartstrings if you have a heart. The acting really draws you in and the plot, while a little out there, is very engaging and creates for an amazing journey behind enemy lines.

This movie will forever be the greatest war movie ever made. The brutal realism and gore are hard to watch at times but is necessary to fully show the horrors of war.

All I can say about this movie is don't expect your favorite characters to make it out alive. I was pretty upset originally when my two favorite characters in the movie died, but that just adds to the realism of the movie. People died. Your friends died. Heroes died. War is Hell, and full of heroic sacrifices. This movie is a must see for any American, though I believe foreigners should enjoy this movie as well. An excellent 10/10 from me.
Realistic, brutal and superbly acted, this film is a masterpiece
Saving Private Ryan is a masterpiece and one of Spielberg's finest Movies, the Battle scenes, performances and the film keeping true to World War 2 makes this a brilliant but tough watch. Here's why.

The story is good but could've been better, it follows a bunch of soldiers who lands on Normandy, France and successfully defeating the Germans on their first encounter, they must track Down a Survivor of the Normandy incident that happened earlier before they arrived by the chief of the army, so Captain Miller and his soldiers must get Private James Ryan, the Survivor back home and end the war in Normandy and World War 2 itself.

The film's ending is something i have to mention, it's so emotional and one of the most best bad endings of all time, where Captain Miller does Deus Ex Machina on an upcoming tank and somehow saves his teammates but he himself dies, and in present time, James Francis Ryan goes to his funeral and also tells his wife to say he is a good man, for all his work during World War 2, it's sad but impressive overall.

The Battle scenes are impressive, With some of the most realistic depictions of war ever put into film, each Battle scene is at least 10 minutes which adds to the overall excitement of the film's slow pacing. The film's performances are stunning especially Tom Hanks, all has their own emotion which makes each character interesting and refreshing.

The film's direction is as great as previous Spielberg films, here it's all done in a serious matter, where World War 2 is pretty accurate in this Movie than it is in real life. The orchestral is impressive, John Williams is always the king of orchestral Music. The Deaths are pretty emotional, and even myself feel sorry for all of the teammates dying despite the characters being fictional and i still had a hard time seeing these likable characters die.

Saving Private Ryan is a benchmark for film Entertainment and it is one of my favourites to this day. Direction, characters, performances, Music, realism, World War 2 accuracy, ending and the overall emotion to the Death scenes makes this a must-watch for anyone willing to watch a great War flick. The only weakness of this Movie is the plot, it's simple and has to have more focus on some of it's locations like Ohama Beach and that it is kinda flat in the middle part of the Movie, other than this minor nitpick, check this Movie out.

Based on true events
From Stephen E. Ambrose's book, 'Band of Brothers,' written in 1992. In Chapter Six, 'Move Out,' Fritz Niland -- a member of Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army, lost his brother Bob Niland, who was killed on D-Day. A second brother had been killed on Utah Beach on D-Day. And a third brother was killed, a pilot in the China-Burma-India theater that same week. His mother received all three telegrams on the same day. However, in "real life" Fritz was never lost, was immediately located by a Father Sampson, escorted to Utah Beach, and was flown to London, and then back to the States.
Great Realistic Movie
As the name suggests this a war-movie in which an agent named Capt. Miller(Tom Hanks) is sent on a mission to save a soldier named Pvt. James Ryan. Ryan's mother has already lost her three children in the same war against the Germans.

Movie starts with an approx. 25 minutes of a thriller action sequence where the American forces are fighting against German forces at Omaha Beach. Director Steven Spielberg has made this scene one of the most epic real war sequence I have ever seen in a movie. Thousands of soldiers died in this horrifying, dreadful sequence. Special effects by cinematographer(Janusz Kaminski, also in Schindler's list) has made this a perfect sequence.

Protagonist Capt Miller survived this war, assembles a group of soldiers to invade German troops and find Ryan. Movie depicts the struggle of Miller and his team to complete their mission. Movie becomes a little bit slow during the mission but still must be able to hold the audience together.

Intense emotion scenes, like when Ryan's mother is informed about the tragic death of her three sons might make viewers cry and arouse patriotic feeling in them. Movie showcase some good strategies, teamwork, breakdowns and courage. All these things together complete this movie and makes it much more interesting than any other fiction movie.

Tom Hanks's acting has raised the bar of expectations further high. Steven Spielberg has done one of the greatest job you will ever see. Realism in this movie makes it a must watch.
another overrated spielberg film
so overrated. this film relies is saved by its gore and superb performances from tom hanks and tom sizemore. i dont see what the deal is all about. outside of jaws, and the indiana jones trilogy he hasnt made an excellent movie in his entire career. this movie is made cheesy by its use of a flashback to frame the story. not only that, it drags in parts by adding humor and trite dialogue where it should be focusing on the action. i think most of the credit to this film should go to the director of photography, the effect and make-up crew and tom hanks and tom sizemore. too bad that stalker never made it all the way to spielberg.
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