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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Romance, Comedy, Family, Music
IMDB rating:
Billy Wilder
Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Kane Kowalczyk
Tony Curtis as Joe - 'Josephine'
Jack Lemmon as Jerry - 'Daphne'
George Raft as Spats Colombo
Pat O'Brien as Det. Mulligan
Joe E. Brown as Osgood Fielding III
Nehemiah Persoff as Little Bonaparte
Joan Shawlee as Sweet Sue
Billy Gray as Sig Poliakoff
George E. Stone as Toothpick Charlie
Dave Barry as Beinstock
Mike Mazurki as Spats' henchman
Harry Wilson as Spats' henchman
Beverly Wills as Dolores
Storyline: Two struggling musicians witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and try to find a way out of the city before they are found and killed by the mob. The only job that will pay their way is an all girl band so the two dress up as women. In addition to hiding, each has his own problems; One falls for another band member but can't tell her his gender, and the other has a rich suitor who will not take "No," for an answer.
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Josephine and Daphne and Sugar and all that jazz.
Quite simply, one of the greatest comedies ever made, this has remained a personal favourite of mine for more than 20 years and I can't see things changing any time soon.

Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis play the two musicians who witness a mob hit and have to go into hiding, fearing for their lives. They take a job with a band that's off to Florida . . . . . . . but it's an all-girl band. Things, inevitably, get more complicated when Curtis falls for Marilyn Monroe's character (who wouldn't?) and Jack Lemmon starts receiving some unwanted advances from Joe E. Brown.

Directed, and co-written, by Billy Wilder (based on a story by Robert Thoeren and Michael Logan that was also used for a film 8 years previously which means that *shock, horror* it's technically a remake), this has everything - great characters, a zippy pace and a great mix of one-liners and comedic situations.

The cast are perfect. Tony Curtis is more graceful in the female garb and then gets to do a great Cary Grant impersonation/parody while wooing Monroe, Jack Lemmon is just barely keeping everything in the right place most of the time. Monroe, as Sugar Cane, is sweet though not all that bright and receives one of the best descriptions ever - "Look how she moves! It's like Jell-O on springs." Then you have the great George Raft as Spats Colombo, Joan Shawlee as "Sweet Sue" who leads the band, Pat O'Brien as a detective and Joe E. Brown as Osgood Fielding III. I feel guilty for those I have missed out as nobody does anything wrong here.

If you haven't seen Some Like It Hot yet then I recommend that you do so and do so as soon as possible. Over 50 years after its release it holds up as one of the funniest films ever made, thanks to the use of the central premise, the performances (just remember how wonderful Jack Lemmon's expressions can be while watching this), the perfectly-crafted script and the direction from Wilder.
Awesome, it really is!
Sit back and enjoy this comedy, I don't believe in greatest this and that when it comes to films, but boy, this is superb.

The acting here is fantastic, all actors, even Monroe are on top form.

The direction by Wilder is superb, the guy's style in this picture is perfect. He directed this film in a very clever way, by using one camera for the majority of the scenes, he could easily edit the film together without studio interference.

The script is well written. The dialogue between Lemmon and Curtis is beautifully balanced.

Monroe is just too hot for the screen in this picture. Although, Monroe had major off-screen problems (83 takes to get things right) she is fantastic on-screen. She may not have the best lines, but what the heck! She plays the role very well.

Overall, this is awesome, it really is.
Beautiful Marilyn Monroe...
"Some Like It Hot" is a comedy movie in which we watch two men who disguised as women in order get away from mafia because they were witnesses of a hit of this mafia. In their way they join an all female band and there things are getting strange and many complications come in front.

I liked this movie because it's an enjoyable movie to watch and in many moments really funny. The direction of this movie was simply good but the cast was really outstanding. I have to mention a great interpretation made by Tony Curtis who played as Joe - Josephine. Another great interpretation made by the beautiful Marilyn Monroe who played as Sugar Kane Kowalczyk. In addition to this it has to be mentioned the interpretation of Jack Lemmon who played as Jerry - Daphne and in plenty of moments was simply hilarious.

Finally I have to say that "Some Like It Hot" is a movie with which you can spend your time very nice and have a great time while watching it. Also this movie shows some interesting this for that times about mafia and how they controlled and handle the problems or issues that they had, and this comes in reverse with love and romance that is obvious in this movie.
"No pastry, no butter, and no Sugar!"
After being sanctimoniously warned by Joe about his lust, why would Jerry help him woo Sugar by allowing Osgood to romance him, especially after blasting Joe for his Junior act?

Sugar thinks Junior is loaded, but he's such a jerk, why is she so willing? How could Joe fit into Beinstock's clothes? How did he know what kind of clothes Beinstock had packed to begin with? How could Jerry fit into the bellhop's uniform? Why did everyone accept Joe and Jerry as women except Spats and his thugs? Despite the fact that Mulligan is there, and the hotel is a public place, Little Bonaparte orders a hit. Makes sense to me, too!

How did Sugar know Joe had gone to the pier after he was chased out of the ballroom by Little Bonaparte's goons? And even if her bicycle was jet-propelled, there is no way in hell she could have gotten there before he, Jerry, and Osgood shoved off!

But it's so terrific and so perfectly executed with its perfect cast, you're more than happy to forgive its many faults. While I loved Monroe's performance, this pup is Lemmon's all the way! The scene with Monroe in the train berth and with Curtis after their dates make me scream every time!
A well timed comedy with a wonderful dialogue
Some Like it Hot will have a Danish re-premiere on Marilyn Monroes 75th birthday June 1st 2001, and making the text for some advertising material in that connection I saw the movie again and liked it more than ever. Most comedies about men in womens' clothings have a vulgar humour. This is, of course, not the case for films like "Tootsie" and "Some Like it Hot" in which Billy Wilder using black and white instead of colours turns down the importance of the change of sex in many ways so that you can concentrate on the comedy which is extraordinarily well timed with a spiritual dialogue. The acting of Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe, not to mention Joe E Brown, Pat O'Brien and George Raft is out of this world, and of course it is possible to make a mafia war comical. Some scenes almost remind you of a Marx Brothers' movie. Like when a small berth in a train sleeping car in a few seconds is overcrowded with beautiful girls mixing Manhattan-drinks in their hot-water bottle while Jack Lemmon is desperately trying to remind himself that -- just then -- he is a girl, and Marilyn Monroe in seconds (with her back towards the camera!) produces perfect small, square ice-cubes out of a huge ice block. The music is enchanting like the Marilyn Monroe-songs which are all so well known.
Cutting Edge, 1959
No need to recap the plot nor echo consensus points.

The movie is perfectly cast. The chemistry between Lemmon and Curtis is perfect. Add a wide-eyed Monroe and it's an outstanding comedy trifecta. Still, seeing the film again after first release, I wonder how much hilarity audiences of today find in the movie's sexual innuendo. After all, the premise was cutting-edge in 1959 when the word 'panties' in Anatomy of a Murder raised a ruckus with enforcers of the film code.

In that same year, just watching from a theatre seat during the cross-dressing, plus the many innuendo scenes was like being a daring part of taboo-breaking. The bawdy subtext was a totally new experience in the commercial movies. Thus the amusement factor was heightened by novel comedic material, previously forbidden. But I wonder about today's younger audiences for whom the innuendo may even seem a little tame, given today's almost non-existent standards.

In my little book, it's still a funny movie, thanks mainly to an expert cast, but hardly an all- time topper as it is in some ratings lists. Besides, it's the only comedy I can think of to work its way around not just one, but two, on-screen massacres!
One of the Best Comedies
Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot is an excellent movie, which was made in 1959, and still today is one of the best comedies created. It is so good that the fact that it is made in black and white is completely forgotten. Billy Wilder directed the movie, and the cast included such stars as Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. Also this movie won an Academy Award for the Best Costume Design, Black and White, the reason why it says black and white is because at the time movies could already be made with color, so the award were divided between color, and black and white.

The movie is set in 1927, and it is about two musicians who find themselves unemployed, and go searching for a job. Both found a job on girls band and this made it impossible for them to take it, so they got another job, and while getting into the car both men Joe (Tony Curtis), and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) were witnesses of a murder committed by the Chicago mafia. Being witness of this incident both Joe, and Jerry must leave and hide from the mafia, which is looking for them because of what they had witnessed before. Joe and Jerry decide to take the job of the girl's band and disguise themselves as girls, so that they could enter the band without any problems. From the point where both men enter the train with the rest of the girls the rest of the movie is an extremely comic journey.

The movie's main Characters were Joe, or Josephine, Jerry, or Daphne, and Sugar Kane. Joe and Josephine were both made by Tony Curtis and he fitted perfectly for both characters due to his personality, he was a very comic part of the movie and made an exceptional job. Jerry and Daphne were both acted by Jack Lemmon and he was also brilliant in the movie and fitted his role perfectly and in my opinion was more comic than Tony Curtis in the movie. Both Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon were vital in the creation of this movie; definitely the movie wouldn't have been the same without these two magnificent actors. Then, there was Sugar Kane which was interpreted by Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe, she was the perfect women for the role due to the fact that Sugar Kane was a very beautiful woman, the character of Sugar Kane represented in a way a very materialist and woman and with alcoholic problems.

In my opinion on of the best scenes of the movie is when Joe is dressed as a wealthy man and is with Sugar Kane at the yacht while Daphne is dancing with a rich man names Osgood who is in love with "her", and doesn't really know she is really a he. A scene, which I didn't like, was at the beginning when Joe and Jerry are looking for jobs, I found that part of the movie kind of slow and bored me for a little moment.

Some Like It Hot was a risky movie due to the fact that men were transforming themselves into women, and at the time to watch this was not very common. Curtis Hanson, a director, said: "It's a film about sex from the title to the final line. It's not just about sex as in people having sex; it's also about sexual roles, and of course sexual identity." The fact that both men dressed as women and all those problems came in was pretty funny and this movie was not only a romantic comedy because of the love between Joe and Sugar Kane, but it is also a screwball, and gangster movie. Screwball because of everything that happens throughout the movie, and gangster because of all the mafia issued shown in the film.

I believe that this movie would be good for any kind of audience because it is a great comedy and it will make anyone laugh and have a great time. I really enjoyed this movie and wouldn't doubt of watching it once more.

I would give this movie a 4.7/5

This review was written by a sophomore who enjoys watching movies and loves anything related to comedy. This move review was written for an film appreciation class.
I'm not a natural blonde
Set in Prohibition era Chicago, "Some Like It Hot" stars Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis as a pair of jazz musicians who dress like women in an attempt to evade mob bosses. Their adventure takes them to Florida, where they join an all-female band and drool over luscious band singer Sugar Kane Kowalczyk (played by a pouty Marilyn Monroe).

Influential, gorgeously lit, lovably acted, and wittily written, "Some Like It Hot" is regarded as one of director Billy Wilder's many masterpieces. Whilst constant imitation has lessened some of its gags, and whilst not as substantial as a number of the director's other works ("Sunset Boulevard", "The Apartment", "Ace in the Hole", "Double Indemnity" etc), the film nevertheless finds Wilder elevating what would otherwise be tawdry material.

8.5/10 – Bring back the forums, IMDb.
Billy Wilder and Miss Monroe, need I say more?
Billy Wilder the director and Miss Monroe the prettiest woman in the history of cinema together with two outstanding and funny leads makes this steamy casserole of 'Some like it hot'. As it is with S.L.I.H and myriads of other gems of the previous decades the concept has been used over and over again but for some reason these movies tend to retain their freshness and their flavor. Is it possible for a joke to still make you laugh when you hear it for the hundredth time? Well with Some like it...you don't have to worry about that. It does. The situations are genuinely funny and totally unforced. The characters are believable and as for clichés well they are there of course but with these old classics you have to keep in mind the fact that clichés are clichés because they brought them to attention.

And dear o dear o dear...how can I not write about Miss Monroe. Her sensuality drips like the morning dew from a red shiny rose. How does one appreciate a cinematic piece of art when the art of god comes into the frame. Ironically though but every time she comes the screen glitters with liveliness. Both the male leads are hilarious with absolutely impeccable timing but Miss Monroe is the diamond. The delicate thread that binds it all together.

Finally, Billy Wilders comic venture is filled with his characteristic nuanced characterizations and situations that pack a solid comic punch. The dialogues are witty and clever as is always the case and this movie shows the wide range Mr. Wilder had. He was truly what you call a versatile artist.
This One's Still Red Hot!
Some Like It Hot is a wacky, clever, ludicrous comedy that starts off like a firecracker and keeps on throwing off lively sparks till the very end.

The plot is a classic screwball. The setup: It's Chicago, 1929; the era of jazz, prohibition, bootlegging and gangland rub- outs. Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) are two hack jazz musicians who inadvertently witness a mob killing on St. Valentine's Day. In a desperate bid to flee the scene, the boys jump onto a train to Florida disguised as Josephine and Daphne ("I never liked the sound of 'Geraldine'"), the newest members of an all-girl jazz band where they fall for attractive, bubble-headed ukulele- player Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe). Once in Florida, Joe poses as the tycoon Junior, sleazily designed to fulfill Sugar's every fantasy of a man while Daphne, carried along on the tides of farcical necessity, is propositioned by an addle-brained millionaire Osgood (Joe E. Brown). Seductions and obvious complications ensue. Identities become fluid and changeable. Just when things start looking up, the goons arrive for a mobster's convention at the same hotel where the girls and the two erstwhile guys are playing. And soon a volley of bullets and witty lines fly by!

Fifty-five years on, Billy Wilder's charade has lost none of its luster, largely because of the absolutely riotous turns by the three principal cast members. Monroe's performance as the fuzzy blonde Sugar has a deliciously naive quality. She's a comedienne with that combination of sex appeal and timing that is unrivaled even today. Both Curtis and Lemmon are absolutely impeccable as they bicker, cross-dress, and chase their way into audience's hearts. Their interactions are never less than the stuff of comic gold (watch Lemmon mouth "If those gangsters come in here and kill us, and we're taken to the morgue dressed like this I'll die of embarrassment.") while they play off of one another in such a way that they simultaneously propel the plot's shenanigans and develop their characters.

The movie's lasting impact, however, is owed in great deal to the direction and the Wilder touch is indelible: a work of shocking confidence. He treats the outlandish plot so deftly that the ridiculous somehow appears possible and the shocking turns into laughter. He keeps the momentum of this madcap comedy such that it keeps rolling along, a mirthful romp that knows just when to draw back before crossing the line to the vulgar.

There's an illusion of effortlessness about Some Like It Hot that contributes to its endurance: though the characters are sweating through the madcap circus, Wilder and the top-notch cast keep the proceedings effervescent and breezily paced, giving us a movie with remarkable audacity that transcends all ages for the sake of a universal good time. A peerless classic!
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