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Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Hayao Miyazaki
Rumi Hîragi as Chihiro
Miyu Irino as Haku
Mari Natsuki as Yubaba
Takashi Naitô as Chihiro no otôsan (voice: Japanese version)
Yasuko Sawaguchi as Chihiro no okâsan (voice: Japanese version)
Tatsuya Gashuin as Aogaeru, Assistant Manager (voice: Japanese version)
Ryûnosuke Kamiki as Bô (voice: Japanese version)
Yumi Tamai as Rin (voice: Japanese version)
Yô Ôizumi as Bandai-gaeru
Koba Hayashi as Kawa no Kami
Tsunehiko Kamijô as Chichiyaku
Takehiko Ono as Aniyaku
Bunta Sugawara as Kamajî (voice: Japanese version)
Noriko Kitou as Additional Voices (voice: Japanese version)
Shiro Saito as Additional Voices (voice: Japanese version)
Akio Nakamura as Kaonashi (voice)
Storyline: Chihiro and her parents are moving to a small Japanese town in the countryside, much to Chihiro's dismay. On the way to their new home, Chihiro's father makes a wrong turn and drives down a lonely one-lane road which dead-ends in front of a tunnel. Her parents decide to stop the car and explore the area. They go through the tunnel and find an abandoned amusement park on the other side, with its own little town. When her parents see a restaurant with great-smelling food but no staff, they decide to eat and pay later. However, Chihiro refuses to eat and decides to explore the theme park a bit more. She meets a boy named Haku who tells her that Chihiro and her parents are in danger, and they must leave immediately She runs to the restaurant and finds that her parents have turned into pigs. In addition, the theme park turns out to be a town inhabited by demons, spirits, and evil gods. At the center of the town is a bathhouse where these creatures go to relax. The owner of the bathhouse is...
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Artistry with a capital "A"
This is a not to be missed film if you value imagery.

Though the plot is not as engaging and the action a bit slower than "Princess Monoke", it makes up for it in its sheer beauty. It is not a child's movie, but I am certain a 10 to 14 year old will love it. Think of it as an anime version of "A Secret Garden" and you will get my point.

The tunnel led Chihiro to a mysterious town....
'Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi' is a cute story from a little girl called Chihiro, who is moving with her parents to a new place in the suburbs. During the travel,her father decides to take a shortcut along a lonely road. After getting out of the car and walking along a path for a while, they look to an abandoned city and stop in an abandoned restaurant full of food. Chihiro's mother and dad don't think twice and start to eat the food there, what Chihiro refuses to do. The night falls and that abandoned city become full of strange beings and spirits, and when Chihiro runs to her parents to go out of that place she discovers that they become pigs. A mysterious boy called Haku helps her and explains the situation to her,saying that she needs to get a job in the spa hotel for spirits and gods from Japan. The work is hard, but Chihiro does well. The problem now is to find a way to break the spell of her parents and go out from that strange ghost city...

This anime is very different from the animes I already watched. The story is very touching and truly unique, with another world inside the world we know. I would love to watch an anime series based in chihiro's life in the ghost's world. Hayao Miyazaki has my profound admiration, specially because ''Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi'''is not the only movie he did that I love: I also enjoy a lot ''My Neighbor Totoro ''. Of course that I think that this movie is totally worthy of the Oscar it received. By the way, the idea that Chihiro and Haku could forever stay in Yubaba's possession if they forget their real identities is very interesting to me,since it is a reality: if you loose your identity and forgets who you really are, your interests and your focus, you become lost in the world. The maturity of Chihiro is another easy thing to see, and adds another interesting understanding of the story.
The audience is even more interesting than the film
That "Spirited Away" is a masterpiece would seem to any sane person to be beyond dispute. This is the first of Miyazaki's films I've seen and had it recommended to me by a friend who's into anime. I'm really not keen on Manga at all, so I delayed seeing "Spirited Away" for a few months. I finally got around to seeing the subtitled version - never, never waste your time with dubbed versions of foreign movies - over the weekend and I loved every frame of it. The imagination and creativity blew me away and I'd put the film alongside other "children's" masterpieces like "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe", Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy and Ray Bradbury's poetic "Something Wicked this Way Comes"..

However, in reading through the other comments for "Spirited Away" here I was struck by the huge chasm between the views of those who love the film and (the appropriately small minority of) those who don't.

Even more striking is the strident hostility of those who don't like the film towards those who do. Critics here have called fans of the movie, "liars to yourselves", "gushing", "flat-out wrong" and the movie itself, "inane", "unwatchable bilge", "muddled", "nonsensical", "gibberish".

Now I'd be scratching my head in puzzlement even if these commentators had blandly stated that this film wasn't for them, but this outpouring of venom had me completely perplexed.

Another viewer states, "The girl basically had to suffer for something even her parents didn't do wrong, they just wanted to explore things." And here lies a glimpse of some possible explanations of why some folks don't get this movie.

The whole point is the parents *did* do something wrong. They greedily ate food that wasn't theirs. Apart from being just plain rude, it's stealing. As another commentator here pointed out, you have to look at "Spirited Away" against the context of the culture that produced it. The Japanese are very concerned about the erosion of their traditional values, the lack of respect kids have for their elders, the breakdown of family cohesion and other "negative" "Western" influences on their traditional, polite, family-oriented culture. Perhaps we in the West have trouble with the concepts in "Spirited Away" because the influences that the Japanese audiences fear are the Western "values" that are being thrust upon them, values that we've grown up with and forgotten how to fear.

Another critic commented "I cannot see why this film is such a masterpiece to some people ... (though) my brother and I had a few good laughs, especially when Sen runs down the stairs and smacks into the wall. That was pretty funny, I must say." This made me think back to when The Simpsons first started on TV - my daughter was three years old and she thought the funniest joke ever was when Maggie fell over. Now my daughter's a (very bright) 14 year old and these days it's the razor sharp satire of dysfunctional family life that makes her laugh out loud. QED.

If someone isn't sensitive to the morals that are being examined in this film, then of course the film is going to seem pointless. However, as the film plainly does have more than one good point to make, perhaps it's just that these critics aren't capable of grasping any of them.

But really guys (and you know who you are) don't take your frustration at not understanding "Spirited Away" out on those of us who do. It's not our fault you don't get it.
Strange, yet satisfying
Spirited away is a movie which can only truly be described a Wack! Yes I know this is not a word and I understand it is not even proper English however it is the only term which can thoroughly describe the movie. It is a film which is immensely entertaining and full of scenes which are just playing fun to watch. However, you must be warned. In between the incredibly detailed animations, there is an almost never ending mythological plot (this lack of realism irked some of my friends). There are creatures and monsters, heroes and villains, none of which are as they first appear. It has everything a movie should have however there is no guarantee you will like it. If Spirited away has one fault it is its length. At 2 hours it is a killer for those with short attention spans (I did however make it through and in the end was glad I did). When going into the movie if you can go in with an open mind purely with the desire to be entertained then spirited away is a movie well worth seeing; however, if you are one to find fantasy and cartoons dull and nonsensical then find another movie.
a excellent masterpiece!!!
This movie was touching when I saw it.. I believe this film has taken a lot of breath out of Miyazaki and well it certainly took mine. If you want a good family movie I definitely suggest this one. If you are not into weirdness and being strange this is not your movie.. Well done Miyazaki!!! A short summary: About a young girl who has parents and her trapped in the spirit world and tries to save herself. On the way she finds friends that will help her find her way home and later discover what they have lost too. This movie has won countless awards and nominations and I believe actually deserves them...... Spirited Away is one of Miyazaki's very best!
Miyazaki masterpiece
I will admit hesitation in viewing the latest Miyazaki film, simply because of my own close-minded first impression of it. Historically, I can appreciate the beauty and artistry in all of his films, but I find that I prefer the films that center more on characters (Kiki's Delivery Service, Whispers of the Heart) as opposed to animals and nature (Mononoke Hime, Porco Rosso). Therefore, after seeing that this film was more fantasy than reality, I was not in a hurry to see it.

Unfortunately, this meant that I missed out on having seen a masterpiece for several months. Spirited Away, the story of a little girl who must somehow escape from a world inhabited by fantastical characters is as much about her own evolution and strength in character as it is about the incredible creatures that surround her in her new environment. While Spirited Away is a fairy tale, it is also a lesson in accountability, strength and responsibility. Miyazaki is known for creating strong young female characters that are also completely adorable, but Spirited Away contains some of the most interesting co-stars I have seen in recent memory. A lamp that not only provides a guiding light, but also happens to hop along on one foot, a giant baby and a bird with the head of an elderly lady are just three of the many eccentric characters we experience. Not only are the characters and story line rich, but the artistry is absolutely beautiful as well. The colors and character design are flawless and awe-inspiring. Even I, the cynical and technical viewer found myself saying `Aww' and smiling at the little soot monsters and the `mouse'.

The hype was worth it and the Oscar was well-deserved. Spirited Away is a beautiful film that really and truly should be experienced, and has the potential of being enjoyed by most, because it has so many layers and imaginative aspects that there will be points of appeal for just about anyone.

Animation par excellance
highly philosophical and deeply profound. I've seen this film for more than 5 times now and each viewing is still a new experience. It makes one reflect on family relations, growing up, embodiment, and one's name (so philosophical that it borders on not being able to be understood by the audience). If you're not in it for the insight, fill yourself with the beautiful graphics and display of colors. Spirited Away is a visual delight transporting you to a totally different world of spirits, spells, and magic. It is so realistic that one may get that spooky feeling after watching the movie (I did feel this because of No-name). The art complements the story; the animation gives life to the plot.

Spirited Away is a wonder--the best of the best Miyazake animation films. With so many subplots, the film is able to sew together every bit of information and symbol it has solid tight. Every question answered, every character full of meaning. Sometimes, animation is better than real life. Spirited Away sure is a winner.
Wonderful animation.
Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi, or Spirited Away as the name is translated, is probably the best animated movie I've seen for a while.

Summary of the story: Young girl Chihiro is is moving with her parents, when they stop for a while at place, which her father describes as old amusement park. But soon it is visible, that this place is no ordinary amusement park. When sun sets Chihro's parents turn into pigs and spirits, ghosts and ancient gods start to roam around in a place ruled by old witch Yubaba. Chihiro must rescue her parents and herself from eternal slavery in Yubaba's bath house.

Not your typical Disney cartoon. And that is a compliment. No ready chewed, easy to point up moral codes, but more real grip from things. A line between good and bad is very vague line. Is Yuababa really a evil witch or is she just greedy old woman, who can learn from her mistakes? Do all bad deeds bring more sorrow, or can they sometimes bring something good? Chihiro grows, really grows during the story. She begins from a wimpy little girl and ends up to be brave, selfless girl, who ends up saving more --hmmm-- I think entities would be proper word in this case.

But Chihiro is not the only one growing during the story, there is also a nameless spirit named no-face, who ends up finding peace thanks to Chihiro.

There is also a young boy, Yubaba's apprentice Haku, who doesn't know who he really is. Yubaba is using Haku as a tool against her twin sister Zeniba.

It is rare, that a single movie contains so much material. It is even more rare to see animated movies with such depth.

Also for the acting, it's top notch, as is the animation. All backgrounds and characters are done with detail and passion.

I really feel, that this is one of those must see movies for all animation fans.
This movie made me want to spirit myself as far away as possible. . .
All I can say about this film is. . . I cannot see why this film is such a masterpiece to some people. Answer me this. They take so much time to do detailed back grounds, which are beautiful, but are hidden by the grotesque characters that seem to all look the same to me, no matter what kind of anime. I found myself being lost in the plot several times, with very poor character development, and apparently hyperactive dubbing. What I mean by that is, how come everything they say, not matter what it is, comes out all in one rushed, messy breath. Though, I did find this movie rather a comedy. My brother and I had a few good laughs, especially when Sen runs down the stairs and smacks into the wall. That was pretty funny, I must say. The only reason why we went to the movie in the first place was because my brother recieved credit extra credit for his college class for watching it. What a waste of over 2 hours of my life! I could have been sharpening pencils, or making paper airplanes! Also, I found that there were characters that seemed to play no part at all. Example:No face. Ok, so he is the bad guy for about, 5 minutes, but then has no real purpose for being in the movie. What is with that guy anyway. Eeesh! I have nightmares about that one. . . In conclusion, I just want to say, that through out this on going movie, I was ended up multipul times getting lost and confused. My eyes also started to hurt after watching the choppy animation move across the screen. I give this movie, on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being the worst, 5 being the best, I gets a big, fat 1, or maybe a zero. No, one. I liked the backgrounds and things that they actually spent time on. . . It is too bad Disney had to take part in this film. . .
Deeper Meaning makes for a Fantastically Customizable film
This is a film with a very simple plot but with very thick meaning. In short, Spirited Away is about a young girl, Chihiro, who witnesses her parents self destruction via a greedy modernist mentality. In order to save them from the self dug trap of modernity, Chihiro, later renamed Sen, goes into a magical world symbolic of tradition. That's it! --- Parents are sucked into modernity and are saved through their daughter's traditional experience. --- Now to get into the nitty gritty of the film. There is a plethora of symbolism for the viewer to ponder upon. Some of these symbols are quite obvious while others require a brief knowledge of the principles they represent. Here is a brief look at some of these principles:

1. Confucianism- the film is filed with Confucian references to a hierarchy and a respect given to elders. Without spoiling anything, look at the references to obedience found in the film and how Hayao Miyazaki presents this principle.

2. Buddhism- Buddhist believe in a life of nonattachment. This principle of rejecting attachment is one of the tools Buddhists are given to stop the cycle of suffering – An idea that is paramount to the understanding of the film. Also important to note with regard to Buddhism is the importance placed on the Middle Way – an idea similar to Taoist balance – this stresses not favoring one extreme over another – find the middle. The aversion to extremes is an important thread within the deeper meaning of the film.

3. Taoism- In inherent to Taoist principles is the idea one should follow their heart. Taoism also strongly values the idea of balance as represented by the Ying-Yang. This means that black and white, good and bad, warm and cold, all exist at the same time and when a good balance is found, there can be peace. Take this knowledge and apply it to the ideas presented in the film of following one's heart. Also pay particular attention to the balances, or maybe even lack there of, and what is happening when there is or is not a sense of balance.

Now that the basic knowledge has been established, watch the film and see how many different meanings are embedded in the picture. There are thousands! Every brush stroke that gives this anime life has meaning and this is what makes the film so fantastic. Aside from an entertaining storyline on the surface, the deeper meanings (which can be found by applying some of the principles above) are what make the film customizable for each viewer. The thought provoking nature of the film will leave an indelible mark on any viewer.

I strongly recommend that anybody who is interested in being 'wowed' watch this film. Even with the deeper meanings aside, the artwork and flow of the story are phenomenal. The techniques used to give the picture life, light, texture, setting, have just as much if not more meaning that the contextual aspects of the film. And once again, even if you are not looking for a movie that requires a little bit of thought, everything which gives this film great meaning, are fantastically entertaining on their own without deeper meaning attached.
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