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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale as Batman
Heath Ledger as Jack Napier
Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face
Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth
Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman as Commissioner James Gordon
Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
Monique Gabriela Curnen as Detective Anna Ramirez
Ron Dean as Det. Michael Wuertz
Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow
Chin Han as Lau
Nestor Carbonell as Mayor Anthony Garcia
Eric Roberts as Salvatore Maroni
Ritchie Coster as The Chechen
Storyline: Set within a year after the events of Batman Begins, Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon, and new district attorney Harvey Dent successfully begin to round up the criminals that plague Gotham City until a mysterious and sadistic criminal mastermind known only as the Joker appears in Gotham, creating a new wave of chaos. Batman's struggle against the Joker becomes deeply personal, forcing him to "confront everything he believes" and improve his technology to stop him. A love triangle develops between Bruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Dawes.
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Absolutely not dark. Hardly Batman-like.
I wasn't so much excited about "Batman Begins". Simply pseudo-intellectual "philosophy of fear" was rather painful than interesting to me. Techno-futuristic Batman surrounded by oh-my-god cinema stars that have nothing to do with traditional Batman characters was nothing special to me. But this time I got excited. 3rd trailer was absolutely great, interesting interpretation of Joker (though vocally not so good as Mark Hamill but very original), a little bit of darkness, "The Dark Knight" reminding me of "The Dark Knight Returns" (that then I found out has absolutely nothing to do with the movie). It was great. But then... then come the movie...

Movie that is absolutely boring, artistic-like weird and is so full of light that calling it "dark" is an abomination. If you want to hear the voice of Batman who apparently sings in a death metal band, go for this movie. If you want to see Gotham probably built and designed by IKEA (especially interiors), go! If you want to see "bat cave" so full of light that I had to dive under my chair to bring my eyes some darkness, it's the movie for you. But if you want to see anything really dark, atmospheric, Gothic, simply batman-like better remind yourself of things like "Batman The Animated Series" (1992) or Burton's movies (1989 & 1992) as you will find a lot of what Batman really is there, the real Dark Knight where word Dark means something and Knight is not meaningless as well. "The Dark Knight" is absolutely soulless like IKEA furniture and even Heath Ledger do not save the movie as his Joker is enjoyable for first 40 minutes, then becomes simply boring and all the same. What's funny, myself and audience around laughed much more when Batman spoke with his "dark" voice (death metal band vocalist, here...we...go!) than Joker laughed through the whole movie. It doesn't surprise me much as Ledger had the biggest problem with learning the mad laughter and although he did pretty well, lack of it during the movie, lack of single smile on Joker's face made it all look very pathetic. And then, here...we...go... with the plot. Batman decided to give up twice in the movie. Of course because he was afraid of what people think and self-critique. He apparently forgot that he started his obsession thanks to his parents death (oh well...). Alfred is dull and absolutely boring (I start to believe that it's just good to have "Michael Caine" name on movie posters). Lucius Fox is ohmygod-another-star-to-have-bigger-commercial-impact. Gordon was and remains not even close to what Gordon suppose to be, in my opinion. Etc. Etc. Finishing this counting-out rhyme with the Batman himself. Personally I love the way Ch.Bale acts. I admire his role in Prestige very much. But here... I don't see Batman, all I see is Christian Bale pretending he is Batman. Sad :(

My conclusion is simple, Nolan's vision is far from what I consider as "the dark knight" and lack of darkness, lack of dark Gotham (not to mention that Gotham lacking of criminals who are too afraid to do their job instead of overwhelming Batman with number of crimes is simply a blasphemy), lack of darkness in Batman's soul and then lack of taste and common sense in the movie are something that made me yawn and look on my watch for nearly whole movie. Apparently audience thought the same as nearly every Batman's line produced fine amounts of laughter and maybe 10 people stayed to see first lines of credits (just like they would hear "here...we...go..." and decided to evacuate as fast as possible, literally).

I know that the future will be completely different but I have high hope that Nolan will never, ever do another "Batman" again. Please... for the dark knight's sake.
The best Batman film yet.
One couldn't help be sceptical of the hype surrounding The Dark Knight before having seen it, scepticism was certainly weighing on my mind as i walked into the cinema. I couldn't help thinking 'is this going to be as amazing as expected, or is the hype just an inevitable reaction to the death of Heath Ledger?' I can safely say to anyone still having not seen The Dark Knight; the hype would've been just as massive even if Ledger hadn't tragically overdosed during filming, The film is mind-blowingly amazing! The action sequences, The dialogue, the editing, the lighting, the costume, the score, the cinematography, The Ledger, The Bale, The Eckhart, The Freeman, The every-single-tiny-bit of cinema... is brilliant.

There's not the slightest whiff of the child-friendly-cinema that tore Tim Burton's vision apart all those (not many) years ago. Eckhart's Dent/Two-Face, blows Tommy Lee Jones out of the metaphorical water, the only shame is that his performance will be overshadowed by Ledger's even better one, and indeed his tragic demise.

Every insane laugh from Ledger's lips echoes with excellence, Jack Nicholson should be very very very proud. However, Ledger's delivery, commitment, presence and dress-wearing-ability far surpass the realms of merely paying homage to Nicholson's Joker. Nolan and Ledger really show Burton and Nicholson just how darkly immense the joker can be.

Not to forget Bale, who brings his portrayal of Batman (and the barking voice it brings) to the next level, the depth and inner conflict create an excellent empathy effect on the audience and also create ridiculously good viewing.

I could go on all day, going into every actors success, about how immense The Dark Knight is... but i think you probably get the message by now.

As undoubtedly one of the most difficult films to bring to the public, a film so swamped with hype, tragedy, death and scandal; The Dark Knight could easily have been written off with the tragic death of Heath Ledger, we should thank God that it wasn't.
A bit of criticism to counter the praise ...
Admittedly, Christopher Nolan has been incredibly successful at what I would consider a doomed endeavor. After all, what sane director would try to fashion a realistic, rational universe from a sophomoric fantasy about a self-indulgent playboy with a costume fetish and a penchant for stylized bedlam? Still, I find the Batman premise more palatable when overshadowed by the fun spectacle of carnival freaks, kitschy art, and psychedelically rendered pulp lore. Without such accoutrements, the story largely relies on the poignant characterization of caricatures—a difficult task, to be sure. At times, Nolan tries to circumvent the problem by turning The Dark Knight into a didactic meditation on terrorism or a vehicle for its catch phrase, "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." However, terrorism loses its contemporary salience when exploited for plot and entertainment purposes, and Nolan seems reluctant to subject his protagonist to the implications of a dubious aphorism or to explore adequately the transformation of his less fortunate foil, Harvey Dent. Because each character serves as a mouthpiece for Nolan's ideas rather than a living manifestation of his themes, even a cast of capable actors cannot save some of the more unconvincing scenes. In the film's best moments, the camera lingers over a face or a cityscape and allows the image to transcend the script. Sadly, such moments are few and far between. Nolan reminds us that the Batman legend will always fail as social commentary because it focuses on allegorical, larger-than-life individuals while relegating the masses to cowering factions of homogenized corruption, selfishness, or ineptitude. Such a perspective underestimates humanity, which is lost in the frenetic whirl of action sequences on screen.
not as good as all the hype
I really wanted to see this in the theater;however, I never did last summer. Instead I waited till it came on cable, and after watching it; I really didn't miss anything by not going to the theater. I was rather disappointed because I was expecting this to be as good as Spiderman, but I don't think it was. I thought it was rather slow moving with sparse action scenes. I mean Batman on the chopper really wasn't that much action. A lot of films have had better car chasing scenes then that.

And I really didn't think Heath Ledger was anything special in this. His role was just a lot of hype. Probably the best role was by Aaron Eckhart and the special effects with his face at the end.

I also have to comment on Christian Bale's Batman voice. What was he trying to do?? He sounded like a chronic smoker with emphysema.

FINAL VERDICT: It was good, just not as good as advertised. I don't get why so many people thought it was the best comic book movie to be made.
A stupendous effort that needed a little tweaking.
This review is for you, if you have watched it, and are wondering if it was brilliant and flawless. Or was there a tiny little "hard to point your finger at" thing that was wrong with it?

I am an avid Batman fan, who has been devouring the Frank Miller graphic novels that depict the grim and gritty side of the dark Knight. I have followed the tidbits and stories on Dark Knight for over a year. Batman Begins marked the beginning of one of the most amazing "ordinary superhero movie" ever witnessed. Four years later, as I stepped into the hall, and awaited the beginning of this new movie, the excitement was almost palpable.

I was not disappointed. The movie had enough chills and sadistic pleasures to keep me hooked and unable to look away from the screen for the most parts. And yet, when the credits rolled, I had a queer feeling, as though something wasn't entirely right.

A few hours after the sensory overload, when I could finally think,I realized one of its drawbacks was dwelling into too many story plots simultaneously. For instance, we follow the joker through a long, and sometimes cumbersome car chase, which except for that final brilliant (and much publicized) truck sequence, was nothing great. We have been lead to believe that the joker is a man who attacks psychologically, and is not physically strong. This is portrayed eloquently in the interrogation scene.

As a result the car sequence became the sort of cliché they could not avoid despite the possibility of becoming the only boring sequences in an otherwise splendid movie. I remember because, I caught myself yawning.

Also considering how Joker is the arch nemesis of Batman - the yang to the Dark Ying, the absolute bad guy, Two Face pales by comparison. No doubt, the make up and graphics are grotesque and excellently done. But we just are not able to believe that he is capable of the menace that Joker manages to exude.

I just could not believe that Two-Face was that bad. The directors have somehow failed to bring the transition between his characters. If i remember the comic books, the disaster drove Two Face insane, making him dependent on the coin even for small decisions.

The real trouble if you ask me, was bringing in a new villain in the last half hour of the movie. One that made the joker's final confrontation with Batman seem a little unsatisfying. I kept expecting them to show Joker one last time. He didn't die, did he? Yes, I do understand how Joker is the arch nemesis, and its Batman's great burden that he can never kill Joker, and they are back at it time and again...but Ledger is dead. We know he won't return. So we, as audience wanted an ultimatum. Not a dangling loose end and definitely not a dangling loose joker from a building top.

Enough with the criticism. I am Batman fan. A son of batman, if you wanna call me (ref: Frank Miller). I loved the style. I loved the bat pod, the first robbery sequence, Joker's pencil disappearing trick, the flick of his tongue, the little line about Joker completing Batman, the other line about joker being the dog that chases the car and not knowing what to do if it catches the car...

Dark Knight was about Heath Ledger. Sadly, we wanted more of him. It JUST WASN'T ENOUGH! Batman as always was his sporting best, the flight sequences were brilliant, Caine and Freeman had the best lines apart from Ledger. Aaron Eckhart did a great job as Harvey Dent, though I did feel that Two-Face lacked character. I expected the sort of chill Javier Bardem inspired in No country for old men, when he tosses the coin. Instead, Two-Face's tosses were merely just passably interesting. Oh, I must really commend the Nolan brothers for doing away with the only female lead, and in such a sudden and scary way. I almost couldn't believe it.

Enough has been spoken about Ledger. I do not want to be repetitive. Clearly, his lines were the best. But more important was his body language and sequences, which were to say the least, eccentric. Kudos to Nolan for a good script, something that could give Ledger an opportunity for such a mind blowing performance. He sparkles in every scene, and we only wish there was much more of him.

A word on Bale. As Batman, he is the best ever. As Bruce Wayne, he does excel in a few scenes. But were those scenes requiring Bruce Wayne driving around in his Lamborghini necessary at all? In the quest to make The Joker the most remarkable villain ever, some of the dilemmas that made Batman the Dark Knight are never questioned. Batman Begins did such a good job of bringing in the character. Why leave him like hanging like a prop actor in this one?

Some of these sequences could no doubt be shortened. Batman could have been given some character and Two Face could've been the surprise element, AFTER a somewhat more definite end to JOKER, and the movie would have been a tad more awesome. I would have given it a 10. Instead I give it a 9. I dare not give it less than that...

Background score was brilliant. The scenes involving Joker, just before he mutilates someone, or pops a psychological question, are well, horrifying. I was almost squirming in my seat.

Over all a brilliant movie. A landmark Batman film, that ends on the right note, ready to jump headlong into the next phase of Batman's life. I only hope it doesn't take four more years! Long Live the Batman franchise. Long live Nolan fraternity. RIP ledger.
Batman just got really modern
This was the most hyped movie of the year and probably one of the most hyped movies ever. Even with the overhype I had to see Heath Ledger play the joker because the trailers looked awesome. So I finally paid my ticket and watched the movie.

The movie starts off really strong, the opening scene was an absolute blast (literally). From that point on though I didn't feel the same action. The rest of the movie just seemed, drawn out and completely over the top. Honestly where did the joker find a rocket launcher in Gotham City? This movie was just too long and much of the dialogue was something that a kid writes in senior creative writing and thinks it's brilliant. Also the director did an excellent job of warping the joker from one place to the next, the joker must have had a helicopter or a really loyal taxi driver. One second he's here and the next he's on top of that building. Probably the last straw was when Morgan Freeman showed up. He turns around and the camera is at a low angle as if to show the arrival of Morgan Freeman the ultimate modern narrator who is now in every movie, an older version of Samuel L Jackson who is soft spoken. They kind of made up for it when Debo from Friday showed up as the scary convict on the boat.

After sitting in my seat for two and half hours as characters appeared and disappeared the movie finally ended, and it ended in a very cliché way. Way to say the title of the movie as the last word in the film, thats never been done ever?

and The Dark Knight had to include the bain of every modern movie, being able to track people's cell phone calls. This little gimmick is in way too many movie these days.

so ya I sat there for two and a half house and my butt really hurt, I wasted ten dollars on a cool movie, but one that wasn't as good as people claimed. Maybe next time Christian Bale will take some cough drops before showing up on set.
Simplicity is beauty.
The simpler it was the better it became.

The movie just showed me what I need to do in oder to become like him. That's how great the movie was. A real detective story minus the character's cape and horns. The movie's complex plot was a product good understanding of a simple story.

I like the way Bruce Wayne was portrayed, a renewed man pretending to be a spoiled brat. This is just a good way to hide his true identity, by being what people expect him to be. Like the Art of War, when you are strong you pretend that you are weak. A true player of the system so he can continue with his work.

The Joker in this movie is just great evidence of great acting. When you begin to see the character and not the actor, you begin to understand that Heath did a great job on the Joker. I remember the Joker not Heath.

The movie's theme and music became my last-song-syndrome, great score by Hans Zimmer. The theme was really thought off and studied well, understood the need of the story.

All I can say is this is what great movies are all about.
An action movie. Nothing more
When I read the enthusiastic reviews in Italy and I saw this movie ranked 1st in the IMDb's Top 250, I thought: "It's strange, the other Batman (Begins) was not so brilliant, what's happening with this sequel? Is it really this masterpiece? Is it really in the same league with movies like 'Clockwork Orange' or 'Apocalypse now'?". No, it's not in the same league. Not at all. When I saw it, my delusion was strong. It's a good blockbuster action movie, but nothing more. Let's see.

The following comments contain spoilers. Be careful.

The script is not so original. There are tons of action sequences, but… what can I say? I've seen it all. I've seen the robbery made by violent people, fighting against the guards and killing each others (in all pulp tradition, since "Reservoir Dogs"). I've seen the ransom in China by plane ("Spy Games"). I've seen those action sequences with cars and armored vehicles in all American movies. (And this Batmobile is really awkward). I've seen the killer who kills by chance ("No Country for Old Men"). I've seen the super-mega-sadistic-mad-chaotic-evil-serial-killer in action who creates dilemmas and plays with his victims (in "Seven" and in the "Saw" saga). I've seen it all: "The Dark Knight" is nothing new. And it's very predictable: you really can predict any sequence before seeing it. There are a lot of absurdities. The heroes could kill The Joleker dozens of times, but they never do it. Why? Are they retarded? The "two ships dilemma" (I don't want to reveal more about that scene) is not realistic at all. There are only a couple of surprises, but the 2/3 of the movie doesn't create any suspense. What about the actors? The only two heroes of acting in this movie are Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart. Heath Ledger, with his Joker, bears quite the entire movie. All the other characters became secondary. Aaron Eckhart is really powerful and he confirms his talent shown in "Thank You for Smoking". What about the others? Christian Bale is one of the most talented actors of his generation, but in this movie he keeps only one expression all the time, with or without mask. His Batman has no personality. Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of the most interesting (and underrated) independent actresses of the New Hollywood, since "The Secretary". But in this movie she can act only in few sequences and she has no chance to show her real talent. Morgan Freeman and Michael Cane are giants, but in this movie they barely appear. Finally: I've never seen so many waste of talent! The good side of the coin in Christopher Nolan's work is: his philosophy. It's really positive and constructive and all his movie is coherent about it. It's just like the positive answer to "No Country for Old Men" and to modern nihilism: in the Cohen's movie, Evil is the absence of values and it's unstoppable. In "The Dark Knight", Evil is again the absence of values, but it's a minority, not the rule. So, we can fight Evil and defeat it, with or without super-heroes. But all those themes could be and should be explored better. "The Dark Knight" explores nothing.
Surprisingly incoherent and boring
I don't think that in my quarter century of living I've ever felt more disconnected from the pop-culture at large than after seeing this movie. With all the hype and uniform praise I thought beforehand that this is at least a solid piece of cinematic craft, maybe embellished slightly by Heath Ledger's unexpected death.

Unfortunately, this movie is rock solid proof that sometimes mass delusion can strike an entire society at one time. There is absolutely no way that this film can be regarded not just as a masterpiece, but even as half-way decent.

Let's get to the point. First - the plot. It's just unconvincing as a whole. Batman is basically a side character with little to do as he takes backseat on the Joker train. He whines incessantly about how no one needs him and how he needs to hang up his cape. Do it already! His troubled relationship with Rachel Dawes has zero chemistry and it's hard to care about the outcome. The idea of Joker being an anarchist, goalless and malevolent force sounds good on paper, but it translates to aimlessness on the screen. Joker shows up out of nowhere seemingly with no one backing him and then... snap! It seems like the whole world is at his service. Not only he has no trouble hijacking a school bus (and then blending into a line of school buses after driving out of a half collapsed bank), hacking into the public TV feed or rigging an entire hospital with explosives; he apparently does it with such ease that the creators didn't feel the need to reveal a shred of information about how he did it. Many events in the movie make absolutely no sense whatsoever. For example - what was the purpose of Lt. Gordon faking his death? And why did they make a point of showing the scene where his family is informed of the death - was that just to get the audience to buy into it as well? That's just dumb and a waste of time. Why did Harvey Dent become evil all of a sudden? Sure he was badly burned, but he had to know the risks going into this business and he had a steely resolve just minutes prior. There are many other plot issues, but it's pointless listing them all. They are there and easy to spot.

The acting in the movie is a-OK, but most of the actors just don't have any good lines as their characters are irrelevant puppets. Heath Ledger is good for sure, but his take on the character gets tedious after a while - mostly from overexposure. Maggie Gyllenhaal is a good actress, but she's just so wrong for the role. She's a nice-girl-next-door type and as superficial as it sounds, it's hard to believe that she would have two hotshots like Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne chasing after her. Christian Bale has zero material to work with and they've turned Morgan Freeman into a moralizing nerd. Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart and especially Michael Caine do a decent job considering the script they were given to work with.

The screenplay is atrocious, incongruent and messy. It's like the movie was cut-up into a thousand pieces of varying length, reshuffled and then strung together. There is no natural progression of events and subsequent scenes frequently befuddle. It takes a couple of minutes to figure out what the hell is going on or why should we care. It's just poorly done.

For all the car chases, fight scenes, and giant explosions, the movie is just unforgivably boring. It's a combination stemming from a poor script, naive (or barely existent) plot, flat characters (that can't be remotely identified with much less loved or hated), and a general lack of good sense. There is also an annoying feeling that the creators had a rather low opinion of the viewers intelligence or maybe they just rushed the movie and had to come up with a lot of material in a little time, hence the low quality.

Before I end this overlong diatribe, let me just mention three scenes that I absolutely cannot get over with in terms of their pointlessness and stupidity. 1. Batman is riding his wicked-cool motorcycle approaching an aftermath of a multi vehicle crash and accelerates aiming it straight at the Joker. What he is trying to accomplish is never explained. One thing certain is that at the last moment he veers right, barely avoiding the villain, and drives his bike without touching the brakes, straight into a wall. I mean he drives it into a wall (or overturned truck, can't remember) full speed like a blind man. Had he even chosen to hit the Joker, how the hell did he expect to stop? 2. This one actually occurs a couple of times at least. Batman leaps out of a 20th story window and falls onto the ground unharmed. Unharmed! He didn't have a parachute, a bungee cord, and he didn't even spread his cape on the way down. He just hit full blast and walked away. And on one occasion his squeeze Ms Dawes fell with him and experienced a similarly puzzling lack of after-effects. Filmmakers, needless to say, didn't find it prudent to even try to provide some explanation.

3. Joker enters the hospital in a nurse uniform. That should present a logistical problem by itself, but OK. However, not only he seems to move around the hospital freely, he also does it still wearing his face paint. I mean the lower half his face is covered by a protective mask, but the rest is clearly visible. What's even funnier is that Harvey Dent looks at Joker straight in the eyes and the face paint doesn't give him away until he takes of the mask. Is this a cartoon?
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