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Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Frank Darabont
Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne
Morgan Freeman as Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding
Bob Gunton as Warden Norton
William Sadler as Heywood
Clancy Brown as Captain Hadley
Gil Bellows as Tommy
Mark Rolston as Bogs Diamond
James Whitmore as Brooks Hatlen
Jeffrey DeMunn as 1946 D.A.
Neil Giuntoli as Jigger
Brian Libby as Floyd
David Proval as Snooze
Joseph Ragno as Ernie
Jude Ciccolella as Guard Mert
Joe Ragno as Ernie
Storyline: Chronicles the experiences of a formerly successful banker as a prisoner in the gloomy jailhouse of Shawshank after being found guilty of a crime he did not commit. The film portrays the man's unique way of dealing with his new, torturous life; along the way he befriends a number of fellow prisoners, most notably a wise long-term inmate named Red.
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What More Can I Say?
There are only a handful of films that have shaken me to my core and continued to resonate with me for very long after their first viewing. I can happily say that "The Shawshank Redemption" has stuck to me since I finished watching it for the first time, and instantly rocketed up my Top 10 Films list.

Most great films have one or two obvious flaws that can be easily picked out - not so in "Shawshank", at least not to me. The hefty run time doesn't put me off because the story and characters are just so well rounded and so easy to return to time and time again.

"Shawshank" is one of those films that I would love to experience for the first time all over again. The thrill of emotions and the highs and lows I felt that first time are incomparable to much else.

In my opinion, "Forrest Gump" was not as deserving of the Best Picture Oscar as this. The timeless feel of a story of friendship in a hopeless place will likely continue to capture generations of people for years to come.
The best film ever made!
'The Shawshank Redemption' is the best film ever made in the history of world cinema! The Best Hollywood Film Of All-Time! A Masterpiece! A cult classic! A legendary Epic! A Film that you moves you, leaves you stunned!

Performances: Tim Robbins is astounding, his careers finest after Mystic River. Morgan Freeman is masterful, his careers finest after Million Dollar Baby. Others are excellent.

'The Shawshank Redemption' is cinema at its very best. My salute to this flick! A true Masterpiece! I just love this film! The most powerful film of all-time.
In 1947, banker Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is convicted of murdering his wife and her lover, based on circumstantial evidence, and is sentenced to two consecutive life sentences at Shawshank State Penitentiary. Andy quickly befriends contraband smuggler Ellis "Red" Redding (Morgan Freeman), an inmate serving a life sentence. Red procures a rock hammer for Andy, allowing him to create small stone chess pieces. Red later gets him a large poster of Rita Hayworth, followed in later years by images of Marilyn Monroe and Raquel Welch. Andy works in the prison laundry, but is regularly assaulted by the "bull queer" gang "the Sisters" and their leader Bogs (Mark Rolston). In 1949, Andy overhears the brutal chief guard Byron Hadley (Clancy Brown) complaining about taxes on a forthcoming inheritance and informs him about a financial loophole. After another vicious assault by the Sisters nearly kills Andy, Hadley severely beats Bogs resulting in Bogs being sent to another prison. Andy is not attacked again. Warden Samuel Norton (Bob Gunton) meets with Andy and reassigns him to the prison library to assist elderly inmate Brooks Hatlen (James Whitmore), a pretext for Andy to manage financial duties for the prison. His advice and expertise are soon sought by other guards at Shawshank and from nearby prisons. Andy begins writing weekly letters to the state government for funds to improve the decrepit library. In 1954, Brooks is freed on parole, but unable to adjust to the outside world after 50 years in prison, he hangs himself. Andy receives a library donation that includes a recording of The Marriage of Figaro. He plays an excerpt over the public address system, resulting in his receiving solitary confinement. After his release, Andy explains that he holds onto hope as something that the prison cannot take from him, but Red dismisses the idea. In 1963, Norton begins exploiting prison labor for public works, profiting by undercutting skilled labor costs and receiving kickbacks. He has Andy launder the money using the alias "Randall Stephens". In 1965, Tommy Williams (Gil Bellows) is incarcerated for burglary. He joins Andy's and Red's circle of friends, and Andy helps him pass his General Educational Development (G.E.D.) examinations. In 1966, after hearing the details of Andy's case, Tommy reveals that an inmate at another prison claimed responsibility for an identical murder, suggesting Andy's innocence. Andy approaches Norton with this information, but the warden refuses to listen. Norton places Andy in solitary confinement and has Hadley murder Tommy, under the guise of an escape attempt. Andy refuses to continue with the scam, but Norton threatens to destroy the library and take away his protection and preferential treatment. After Andy is released from solitary confinement, he tells Red of his dream of living in Zihuatanejo, a Mexican Pacific coastal town. While Red shrugs it off as being unrealistic, Andy instructs him, should he ever be freed, to visit a specific hayfield near Buxton to retrieve a package. The next day at roll call, upon finding Andy's cell empty, an irate Norton throws one of Andy's rocks at the poster of Raquel Welch hanging on the wall. The rock tears through the poster, revealing a tunnel that Andy had dug with his rock hammer over the previous two decades. The previous night, Andy escaped through the tunnel and the prison's sewage pipe with Norton's ledger, containing details of the money laundering. While guards search for him the following morning, Andy, posing as Randall Stephens, visits several banks to withdraw the laundered money. Finally, he sends the ledger and evidence of the corruption and murders at Shawshank to a local newspaper. The police arrive at Shawshank and take Hadley into custody, while Norton commits suicide to avoid arrest. After serving 40 years, Red receives parole. He struggles to adapt to life outside prison and fears he never will. Remembering his promise to Andy, he visits Buxton and finds a cache containing money and a letter asking him to come to Zihuatanejo. Red violates his parole and travels to Fort Hancock, Texas to cross the border to Mexico, admitting he finally feels hope. On a beach in Zihuatanejo, he finds Andy, and the two friends are happily reunited.
A classic piece of unforgettable film-making.
In its Oscar year, Shawshank Redemption (written and directed by Frank Darabont, after the novella Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, by Stephen King) was nominated for seven Academy Awards, and walked away with zero. Best Picture went to Forrest Gump, while Shawshank and Pulp Fiction were "just happy to be nominated." Of course hindsight is 20/20, but while history looks back on Gump as a good film, Pulp and Redemption are remembered as some of the all-time best. Pulp, however, was a success from the word "go," making a huge splash at Cannes and making its writer-director an American master after only two films. For Andy Dufresne and Co., success didn't come easy. Fortunately, failure wasn't a life sentence.

After opening on 33 screens with take of $727,327, the $25M film fell fast from theatres and finished with a mere $28.3M. The reasons for failure are many. Firstly, the title is a clunker. While iconic to fans today, in 1994, people knew not and cared not what a 'Shawshank' was. On the DVD, Tim Robbins laughs recounting fans congratulating him on "that 'Rickshaw' movie." Marketing-wise, the film's a nightmare, as 'prison drama' is a tough sell to women, and the story of love between two best friends doesn't spell winner to men. Worst of all, the movie is slow as molasses. As Desson Thomson writes for the Washington Post, "it wanders down subplots at every opportunity and ignores an abundance of narrative exit points before settling on its finale." But it is these same weaknesses that make the film so strong.

Firstly, its setting. The opening aerial shots of the prison are a total eye-opener. This is an amazing piece of architecture, strong and Gothic in design. Immediately, the prison becomes a character. It casts its shadow over most of the film, its tall stone walls stretching above every shot. It towers over the men it contains, blotting out all memories of the outside world. Only Andy (Robbins) holds onto hope. It's in music, it's in the sandy beaches of Zihuatanejo; "In here's where you need it most," he says. "You need it so you don't forget. Forget that there are places in the world that aren't made out of stone. That there's a - there's a - there's something inside that's yours, that they can't touch." Red (Morgan Freeman) doesn't think much of Andy at first, picking "that tall glass o' milk with the silver spoon up his ass" as the first new fish to crack. Andy says not a word, and losing his bet, Red resents him for it. But over time, as the two get to know each other, they quickly become the best of friends. This again, is one of the film's major strengths. Many movies are about love, many flicks have a side-kick to the hero, but Shawshank is the only one I can think of that looks honestly at the love between two best friends. It seems odd that Hollywood would skip this relationship time and again, when it's a feeling that weighs so much into everyone's day to day lives. Perhaps it's too sentimental to seem conventional, but Shawshank's core friendship hits all the right notes, and the film is much better for it.

It's pacing is deliberate as well. As we spend the film watching the same actors, it is easy to forget that the movie's timeline spans well over 20 years. Such a huge measure of time would pass slowly in reality, and would only be amplified in prison. And it's not as if the film lacks interest in these moments. It still knows where it's going, it merely intends on taking its sweet time getting there. It pays off as well, as the tedium of prison life makes the climax that much more exhilarating. For anyone who sees it, it is a moment never to be forgotten.

With themes of faith and hope, there is a definite religious subtext to be found here. Quiet, selfless and carefree, Andy is an obvious Christ figure. Warden Norton (Bob Gunton) is obviously modeled on Richard Nixon, who, in his day, was as close to a personified Satan as they come. But if you aren't looking for subtexts, the movie speaks to anyone in search of hope. It is a compelling drama, and a very moving film, perfectly written, acted and shot. They just don't come much better than this.

OVERALL SCORE: 9.8/10 = A+ The Shawshank Redemption served as a message of hope to Hollywood as well. More than any film in memory, it proved there is life after box office. Besting Forrest and Fiction, it ran solely on strong word of mouth and became the hottest rented film of 1995. It currently sits at #2 in the IMDb's Top 250 Films, occasionally swapping spots with The Godfather as the top ranked film of all time -- redemption indeed. If you haven't seen it yet, what the hell are you waiting for? As Andy says, "It comes down a simple choice, really. Either get busy living, or get busy dying."
Busy dying or busy living?
**Yes, there are SPOILERS here**

This film has had such an emotional impact on me, I find it hard to write comments on it. I've read a lot of the previous comments; all those that gush and eulogise as well as those who think it's over-rated or cliched. Most have got good points to make, however the thing that I think everyone is struggling to both explain and come to terms with is just why this film is *so* loved. Loved to the extent that for many it is an almost spiritual experience or for those of a more secular nature like myself, loved as one of the most devastatingly uplifting things that can happen to you while watching a film.

So I'm not going to review it, I'm just going to struggle in my own way to explain this film. It took me a few viewings to get why I connect with it so deeply, but here goes.

Many people in this world are unhappy. Most people in this world don't want to be unhappy. Lots of people wish, pray and above all hope for that magic wand to wave and wash them of their fears, losses, angers and pains once and for all. They see lots of other people seemingly in this magical state, while they suffer. To borrow the words of another film, they're watching the bluebirds flying over the rainbow.

Many unhappy people have learned that the magic wand doesn't exist. They're not destined to join the bluebirds and fairytales don't come true. It's not that no one lives happily ever after, it's just that they're not going to. They're busy dying.

In this film, or as some people have quite correctly said, this fairytale, magic wands exist. And that magic wand is Andy Dufrense imitating Houdini. However this film is not about him. Neither is it about the prison, the governor, the guard, the plot, the acting, the cinematography, the script, the direction or the score.

It's about Red. He is the one who has become institutionally unhappy, he's not only trapped in a prison, not only has he given up on the idea of ever leaving, not only does he have no hope, he knows that if the miracle would ever happen to him, he couldn't cope. He's safe in his unhappiness and that security is what keeps him going. Hope is, as Red say, dangerous. The metaphor for a certain illness here is very clear to me and I know that a rather large number of people suffer from it. A large proportion of those don't understand what's wrong, but they certainly can recognise a fellow sufferer. Those who are mercifully untouched by this illness definitely don't understand what's going on in those who do. They're too busy living.

The miracle in this film is not only that Red is redeemed but that the world outside the prison isn't all warm and sandy and sunny and with excellent fishing. Some of it is rocky and uncertain. Fairytales don't get this far. They'd end as Red left the gates of the prison and the credits would say 'and he lived happily ever after'. This is the only film I can currently think of where they show how to get to the living happily ever after bit from your redemption via the rocky and uncertain ground of bagging groceries at the local store. In other words, they're not going to cheat you and tell you everything's going to be alright.

This is crucial. For two and half hours, those of us who are quite content to mooch around our own personal prisons can see an escape route quite different to Andy's mapped out on the screen. And it's a real way out. It's hard and upsetting, but ultimately rewarding. The high you get from finding out and knowing that is only comparable diamorphine.

The trouble is, if you're already busy living, this film won't mean that much and you'll see it a little more clearly than those busy dying. To those fortunate individuals, watch this film and understand what the rest of us are going through.

So, yes, this film is a cliched fairytale and maybe as a story it isn't realistic and at second on the IMDb all time list, it is a bit over-rated. However if you could have a chart of films listing the number of lives saved, altered and improved, the Shawshank Redemption would be way out in front at number one.

A fantastic story which touches the inner-most of the body
I felt a sudden need to create an account on the web. Why? I do not know. Having never written any movie review, I sometime wonder why I felt a need to use a regular Friday night doing so. But then I ask myself: Do there really have to be a purpose? Maybe not.

The first time I watched The Shawshank Redemption were a couple of years ago. I had looked up the evening's TV program and I stumbled across the movie title. Not really expecting anything out from the film's summary, I sat down on this evening and watched it. And did it move me. I was completely blown away by everything which the film contained: The acting, the environment, the music - and the story. The ladder plays an important role in the movie. Why? Because in short, the film is about a man who is wrongfully charged for murder, and the next many years in which he spends inside prison. But there is something more to it. The story is so well polished, constructed and so well told, that you wonder about what was done in the process of creating the movie, which could have made it so moving and so heart-touching. Because really, it is all the details and the finesse of the movie, which takes the film to a higher level than any other film which are told through storytelling.

Throughout the 130 minutes of the film, you will be witness to fantastic all around acting, particularly from Morgan Freeman who does a hell of a job working as the story teller. With the film starting out slowly, it smoothly starts to work towards the second half of the film, where the film really starts to touch your soul. The ending of the Shawshank Redemption is one of the best on film ever made, I dare say that.

I could continue endlessly naming the goods of the film, but there is simply too much. In the end it is hard to point out what makes the Shawshank Redemption so much better than everything else which you have ever seen. My advice is: Buy the film and watch it - you will not be disappointed.

I hope...
Graceful, intriguing Tim Robbins triumph
The Shawshank Redemption is in a league with Casablanca as a movie you can watch over and over, catching different nuances each time and bringing your own life experiences each time you watch it. Tim Robbins gives the performance of his career and this is the movie for which Morgan Freeman should have won an Oscar (a shame he had to wait for Million Dollar Baby.) There are many twists and turns and I defy anyone to watch the ending without tears running down their face. In fact, the entire last third of movie is filled with marvelous scenes. If there is any drawback to this movie, it is that it is a shade too long, meaning it's often butchered when it is shown with commercials on TV. Rent this, or better yet, buy it to get the full thrust of it. Definitely on my personal top 10.
hope is a good thing,, and good things never,,,,,
this is the first time i am really wand to write something about this

movie even though i have watched it a hundred times o so,,,, anyone who really wanna know how a movie should b should watch this one,,,

movies are medium which should make us think and this one surely does about life,,,

anyone wanna know the meaning of patience determination this one does the trick for u,,,,

watch it and be inspired,,,

thats all i can say,,,

it will change the way u think about things around u,,

never let it die in u,,,
Excellent Movie, But Not "Greatest of All Time."
I finally watched The Shawshank Redemption and I agree that it is an excellent film. The pacing, directing, and storyline, holds interest throughout, along with a superb supporting cast, and a very moving ending.

The main character is Andy played by Tim Robbins who is imprisoned for the murder of his wife. Later on in the movie, the evidence comes out that he is truly innocent. However The Shawshank Redemption sends a powerful message that it doesn't matter whether you are innocent or not inside Shawshank penitentiary. This is because the prison is run by a sadistic and corrupt staff. In this facility, you must use all of the intellect you can, both book smarts, and street smarts to not only stay alive, but prevent yourself from going insane within the system.

Andy befriends "Red," a fellow inmate, played by Morgan Freeman in another great performance. He teaches Andy street smarts of survival within Shawshank's hell-hole. Andy, an experienced banker with a master ability for finance and book learning, manipulates the prison officials to get funds to set up a "basic skills" learning facility within the prison's library. Red helps him organize this, and HOW Andy sets up the funding is really an amazing part of the movie. Another inmate is the head librarian, known as "Brooks," who delivers many amazing scenes in the movie.

What is special about The Shawshank redemption is how the characters, especially Andy and Red, are able to use their inner abilities to rise above the conditions of the prison and the people who run it. There are some disturbing and violent images that show the harsh realities of prison life, such as fighting, and often getting beaten by the staff or punished for very small offenses and a lot of times for no reason at all. The Shawshank Redemption shows the abuse of power by prison authorities and how the inmates have to have the courage to rise above this abuse, because they need to do this, in order to keep living. They learn that failure to get this courage and survival skills from other inmates will destroy them. A great quote in this film is. "you can get busy living, or you can get busy dying." Another interesting experience is how Red often wonders how at his advancing age he will be able to survive outside the prison if and when the parole board lets him go. An underlining message is that whether you "get busy living or dying" you become so accustomed to life in a controlling environment that the outside world, and the struggles, to reach it, to become physically and mentally "free" are an enormous challenge requiring great perseverance and the ultimate in determination.

As good as this movie is, I was looking for that spark of magic that would put it at and over the top of all time classic films. However, I think that there are some outstanding prison movies that are just as good if not better than The Shawshank Redemption. Watch the Sean Penn Movie, "Bad Boys" for an outstanding portrayal inside and outside a juvenile prison. (Interestingly, Clancy Brown, who plays the bad officer in "Shawshank," is just as good as a prison bully in "Bad Boys.") Another great movie is "Midnight Express" which is (although loosely) based on the real story of Billy Hayes who was arrested in Turkey for trying to smuggle hashish back to the USA in 1970. This is another amazing survival prison picture with an unforgettable musical score and some chilling moments.

I see The Shawshank Redemption equal to, but no better than "Midnight Express" or "Bad Boys." This is NOT a criticism of a fine movie! I am only putting The Shawshank Redemption in strikingly similar prison survival pictures that don't get the same credit that this movie does. Call this movie the greatest ever, and you have to do the same for "Midnight Express" or "Bad Boys." All three films have the same emotional impact. Another under rated movie that you should see is "An Innocent Man," which is also similar to The Shawshank Redemption but is considered only above average.

The Shawshank Redemption is a great film for its time. But because of similarities to other similar prison pictures, I can't classify it as great for all time
One of the best movies I have ever seen
This movie is one of the best I have ever seen. I first read the book, and I didn't liked it that much, but then I saw the movie. And that's a things that's never happened to me before, the movie was better than the book. It's the other way normally. But in this case, the movie is so much better, I like the end more than in the book. Watch the movie, it is great.
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