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Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Andrew Stanton
Ben Burtt as WALL·E
Jeff Garlin as Captain McCrea
Fred Willard as Shelby Forthright - BnL CEO
MacInTalk as AUTO
Kathy Najimy as Mary
Sigourney Weaver as Ship's Computer
Kim Kopf as Hoverchair Mother
Teddy Newton as Steward Bots (voice)
Lori Alan as Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Bergen as Additional Voices (voice)
Paul Eiding as Additional Voices (voice)
Donald Fullilove as Additional voices (voice) (as Don Fullilove)
Teresa Ganzel as Additional Voices (voice)
John Cygan as Additional Voices (voice)
Storyline: In a distant, but not so unrealistic, future where mankind has abandoned earth because it has become covered with trash from products sold by the powerful multi-national Buy N Large corporation, WALL-E, a garbage collecting robot has been left to clean up the mess. Mesmerized with trinkets of Earth's history and show tunes, WALL-E is alone on Earth except for a sprightly pet cockroach. One day, EVE, a sleek (and dangerous) reconnaissance robot, is sent to Earth to find proof that life is once again sustainable. WALL-E falls in love with EVE. WALL-E rescues EVE from a dust storm and shows her a living plant he found amongst the rubble. Consistent with her "directive", EVE takes the plant and automatically enters a deactivated state except for a blinking green beacon. WALL-E, doesn't understand what has happened to his new friend, but, true to his love, he protects her from wind, rain, and lightning, even as she is unresponsive. One day a massive ship comes to reclaim EVE, but WALL-E, ...
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Pixar should rest now, they achieved perfection.
Well I don't even know where to begin there is so much in this one.

Well maybe if i say i am usually cinical and disdainful towards love stories (at least those type of love stories you see nowadays...), and i usually see them only suitable for girls who wanna cry a few tissue full, and i prefer a Shakespeare-like ending, where every major character dies or loses something (sanity, beloved one etc) over an usual corny happy ending, and then i add, that i still LOVED this masterpiece so much i myself cried in the end, and i was cheering for Wall-E to remember to Eve, to get repaired and to see them "live happily ever after".

I was browsing on a video-sharing channel some day and i stumbled upon a video where a guy says the following about Wall-E: "I am a cinical bastard, but even that little piece of rotten, black glass i call my heart was warmed by this movie"

And i don't even get started on how delicate and clever the symbolism in this animation is. Or on how sarcastic, yet true all the scenes are, which ones are featuring the humans, who became more like a senseless pigs tied to their chair in front of their computer.

The whole thing feels so gentle, so classy and uplifting i cant even tell. If humanity will extincts one day and some other intelligent species will find the ruins of our culture i want them to find this movie, and remember us as gentle, warm-hearted, intelligent beings, which we weren't most of the time.

And i am not exaggerating. This was really truly this good. At least for me. Sayonara
Awesome new Pixar feature on its way to amaze yet again
I just saw the screener in the theater and was amazed. I am the kind of person that has never liked science fiction movies. I have tried all the famous movies in this genre, like Star Wars, The Matrix and A Space Odyssey and hated all of them. Next to me in the theater were a couple of Sci-fi-lovers and they loved Wall-E beyond belief. I did too, however. Wall-E is: A) A great story B) Packed with fun and humor C) Built up with memorable characters D) Fun for all ages E) Revolutionary in animation techniques

The world Pixar creates is so credible, you forget it is animation. Thumbs up for Wall-E as well, he is such a cute and adorable character, you will fall in love with him immediately. I loved EVE as well.
Out of this WORLD!
I saw Wall E not too long ago, and It was one of the BEST Pixar animated films made.

It takes animation to a whole new level. The fact that there are little to no words conveyed in the first half and the movie was still so amazing? Just dazzles me.

This is a movie you can watch with family, a girlfriend, even alone, and still enjoy it undeniably.

This is a movie that you can really feel the passion Pixar put in it. You can feel the emotion that all the characters are feeling.

Wall E was also moved along very nicely. Not too rushed, not too slow. If you haven't watched Wall E cause you think It looks silly, you are wrong, and I suggest that you watch it as soon as you can, because this isn't a movie that is better to watch on DVD.
Not as good as they say
With all due respect, "WALL-E" is said to be such a great movie, but for me it isn't as good as they're making it sound. Although I rarely appreciate a CGI film, I had good expectations about this one. But it seems that my expectations were a bit too high. So, it's an overrated movie. I don't use the word "overrated" frequently, but this is one of those cases which I think deserves such word.

The movie is visually triumphant. For a CGI film, the visuals are excellent, fresh, advanced and obey to high standards of quality. The sceneries look futuristic either, which is no surprising considering that our story takes place in the 22nd century.

The movie actually starts very well and promising, with the WALL-E character doing his duty: to clean the garbage and mess of a lost, sad and desert Earth where everything is destroyed and humankind is a rarity now. The first 15 minutes are very good for this and for its sceneries. Speaking of these sceneries, the place itself and all those destroyed buildings made me think of Steven Spielberg's "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" and also of a Citroen C4 TV commercial, where the car transforms itself into a robot and dances at the sound of the music "Jacques Your Body" by Les Rythmes Digitales. The only minor thing that bothers me a bit in the beginning is that WALL-E befriends with a cockroach which is always behind him.

The sceneries in space and inside a spaceship (seen later in the movie), on the other hand, made me think a bit of "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Star Wars" and that Pizza Planet place in "Toy Story".

Anyway, back to the beginning, when WALL-E meets a female robot named EVE, the movie begins to lose some of its original impact. For a story like this, romance was absolutely unnecessary, even more when the story is about robots and machinery. Plus, once the story in the spaceship begins, that's when it loses all its interest. That Captain guy annoyed me and the villains. The Captain and many other human characters are very poorly designed, as usual in most CGI movies. They tend to overdo their proportions. Not to mention that there are many silly moments, the story gets silly and so on.

Despite that, the visuals inside the spaceship are very nice and interesting. They show quality and they look very realistic, almost looking like a giant shopping center from the future.

One more thing: what was the point of those live-action scenes when the movie is supposed to be animated? And what is the music from "2001: A Space Odyssey" doing here? As if it wasn't enough inserting that music in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", now they put it in here? I wonder how many more movies will do this in the future.

The character WALL-E (an acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class) is likable and interesting. Although he's a robot/vehicle from space, he looks a little like E.T. - besides, his voice sounds a bit like E.T.'s and combines a brilliant robot-like quality. I loved his voice, fits perfectly well for the character.

Overall, a nice try, but like most CGI films, it's no match for "Cars".
Wall-E is A-dorable
I saw Wall-E at a special sneak preview. I'm not a Pixar fanboy. I've enjoyed a number of their movies, but this is first I've seen at the theater.

Wall*e was an enjoyable diversion. The titular character is robot that has spent his many days performing his task in isolation. All the other robots have worn out over time. Wall*e is different in that he is a survivor. In the many years he has worked, he has evolved a sense of self. Unfortunately, that involves a feeling of loneliness. After a significant event, it is resolving this loneliness that becomes his quest.

The stars of the shows are the various robots. Their emotions are inferred through their actions, grunts, clicks and the occasional verbalization. This however is not a limitation. Pixar has created characters you care about. Wall*e is a hero in the tradition of Danny Kaye. He is a simple guy with simple ambitions that just happen to coincide with the events in the movie. He isn't glory seeking, he just wants companionship in the sappiest Disney tradition. It is this purity of soul that is his most endearing quality.

This more of a kid's film that past Pixar efforts and the hand of Disney is firmly felt. There are sweeping scenes that designed to evoke adolescent dreams and emotions. That is not to say adults won't find it enjoyable. Pixar takes shot at a couple of themes; Consumerism, the environment, even some mild political humor. There are even a couple of gags relating to cockroaches and Twinkies which have oft been repeated. However, it lacks some of the sly adult wit that some of the previous films had.

There little highbrow comedy here. Most of the gags come from slapstick pratfalls and such. However, the gags are executed with such precision, and the characters are so compelling that they were very effective. The rest of the humor consists of sight gags. Most not rising to the point past a chuckle, but taken as whole weaves a rich tapestry of the world that Wall-E lives in.

Adults will find it enjoyable. Kids will love it beyond words and you're going to have to buy them Wall-E dolls for Christmas.
Damn good.
For something with little in the way of dialog, this movie is good for just about anyone, honestly. Humorous, touching, and enough metaphorical meat to keep artsy folks satisfied, I found it quite enjoyable.

I have no kids, but was suckered into seeing it with my wife. I wasn't disappointed, and a little ashamed I didn't see it in the theater.

Pixar, in my mind, sets standards for animated films now a days, and lives up the awesome legacy set out by Disney's original animation studio (Yes, I know they are a separate company). Much like Bioware in the realm of computer games, Pixar has never made a bad movie. That means it's one of the few brands you can trust.
Like a stop-smoking ad starring Joe Camel
When Pixar's not sucking on the Disney Empire's sinister teat or filling landfills with discarded kitsch packaged in slow-to-biodegrade plastic and made by suicidal kids in China at environment destroying mega-factories...they're making eco-cautionary, anti corporatist films. In this regard we had the clean energy advocating "Monster's Inc" and "Cars 2", and the eco-loving, anti-consumerist, anti-corporate "WALL-E". Pixar's other films have a stranger tension, "Cars" decrying urban sprawl, gas guzzlers and life in the fast-lane by celebrating retro-cars, speedy races and old-school, "good", "small town capitalism", whilst the "Toy Story" movies yearn for the tactile, nostalgic pleasures of solid-state toys even as Pixar's dependence on pixels, processors and Pentiums pulverises whatever pull pre-digital entertainment ever had. Want to play with Mr Potato Head, honey? Screw that, Mom. Hit me some X-box. Now! Disney once performed a similar magic trick, making billions off public domain material whilst militantly copyrighting the same material (Disney lobbies were behind the drive to extend copyrights to a full century), aggressively suing everyone from the Academy Awards to daycare centres who dared place Snow Whites and Quasimodos in classrooms or playgrounds.

Directed by Andrew Stanton, "WALL-E" revolves around a cute robot called WALL-E. He's (why do we assume WALL-E's male?) a cross between ET and "Short Circuit's" Johnny 5, with big robot eyes and a perpetually sad, puppy-dog look. When he's not mimicking old Chaplin, Keaton and Harold Lloyd routines, WALL-E's patrolling a now derelict planet Earth, stacking garbage, junk and dutifully doing his best to repair a polluted planet. Enter EVE, an apparently female robot who has been sent to Earth to scan for vegetation. While WALL-E resembles an old VHS system, EVE's a cross between a tampon and an Ipod, all sleek enamel, digital readouts and laser beams. The duo embark on an adventure which teaches us about the fragility and strengths of our ecosystem and condemns mega-corporations/branding/advertising/rampant-consumerism (shades of the sci-fi eco-parable "Silent Running"), before launching into a second half which takes place upon the Axiom (literally, "the worthy few"), a spaceship where fat, lazy humans are doted on by machines.

The film's best moments occur in its first, Earth-bound quarter. Here our robots share a courtship that evokes Chaplin's "Little Tramp", "Modern Times", Virginia Cherrill's blind flower girl in "City Lights" and the love affair in Keaton's "The General". This section is also quite melancholic, WALL-E a lonely outcast thanklessly tasked with cleaning up humanity's mess. We feel for him. He's also a bit like Neville of Matheson's "I am Legend" (pet cockroach instead of dog), barricading himself in his bunker each night in an effort to escape sandstorms.

Unfortunately the film quickly becomes Pixar's most saccharine, manipulative, contrived, obvious and heavy handed. Cheap death scenes are frequently rolled out to elicit tears (WALL-E keeps dying and his cockroach keeps getting squashed), WALL-E's big sad eyes are relentlessly milked, and the film's "GARGANTUAN EMOTIONAL MOMENTS" are mostly all forced and obvious. Throw in a generic "red button", "ticking clock", "countdown to explosion" finale, a series of second-rate action scenes (and obligatory "poetic flying scenes"), last-minute villains ("2001's" HAL meets "Flight of the Navigator's" Max), weak comedy, corny characters and you have one of Pixar's worst. The film also struggles to cook up interesting visuals and virtual sets, its aesthetics becoming conventional as soon as the film launches into outer space. Stanton's previous Pixar effort ("Finding Nemo") kept its two sections – expansive ocean reefs and claustrophobic urban fish tanks – much more fresh. With "WALL-E" you've seen it all before.

"WALL-E's" message is all over the place, which upon release resulted in it being embraced by both American liberals (hug a tree!) and conservatives (pro free-market, anti big government). Regardless, the film has little real world bearing. Historically, machines increase work, obesity is linked to social class (ie, the poor, not the indolent) and in the real world consumerism/fatties are bolstered not by machines but skinny slave labour abroad. In this way "WALL-E's" a very white, middle class, American-centric film: it's an appeal to stop consuming and start recycling rather than a look into the reasons for and futility of both. Bizarrely, the film's "anti-consumerism" but fetishizes retro objects - silent films, Zippo lighters, plastic forks, hubcaps, Rubik's cubes, nuts, bolts and bits of treasure - treasure which WALL-E identifies as being representative of humanity. For WALL-E (cool: he's more a historian than garbage-bot), objects have souls, which is capitalist nostalgia axenic.

Like most "environmental films", "WALL'E's" aching for a pure, untouched, unpolluted, pre-globalisation, pre-digital past. A return to the wilderness (see "Survivors of the Dead"). And like these films ("Avatar" etc), it wrongly turns "environmentalism" into a personal choice. But people are mostly frugal and it is systems, not people, which make society "happen". It is not your fault you're inundated with packaging, spam and products with short life-spans. Rather, capitalism as an ordering system hinges on waste, overproduction, expansion, over-accumulation, exponentially increasing consumption, and is designed such that most products go trashed and/or unsold (corporations destroy tonnes of merchandise to prevent sales on the black market and horde goods to manipulate demand/prices etc). It is the "normal situation" of bourgeois society for a great part of existing products and of the previously created productive forces, to be wasted. Much of this waste comes from an economic system which pits the same products against one another and requires copious labels and advertising as weaponry in this war. There can be no "environmentalism" or "green movement" unless one first radically re-figures our whole concept of production, wealth and "money" (wrongly, "WALL-E" is post money), "money" having long been exposed as a powerful political tool for expropriation, as opposed to a mere "neutral medium of exchange", as is commonly believed.

7.5/10 – Almost as annoying as "Avatar".
The best computer-animated movie I've ever seen.
I could not wait to see this movie when it was coming out. I was never so excited to see a movie before, and well I saw it opening day and.... I LOVED IT! This movie has so much charm, humor, excitement, adventure, and most importantly, heart. I can not recommend this movie more, it has got to be the best computer-animated movie I've ever seen. Also, this movie is for adults too since it had a deep plot about the end of the world. So to tell you the truth, I think parents and other grown-ups might enjoy it more than regular kids, but of course kids will enjoy it as well. If you enjoyed all of Pixar's other films, you will no doubt enjoy this heartwarming adventure about love and betrayal.
My admiration for the greatest animation
I have seen a series of Pixar animation, such as Toy Store and Monsters Incorporation, and all have especially good effects and elaborate drafting. Besides, every animation has a unique and interesting story that fascinates children as well as adults a lot. I can't help but watch it again and again. I just imagine me as a character in the movie, and then I will thoroughly enjoy it.

I'll bet that WALL-E is the best Pixar animation I have ever seen. The movie's background is something significant for our human beings. The story starts after 800 years and the earth becomes unsuitable for people's living because of the pollution we make. And there's only a robot, called WALL-E, remained to sweep and to allocate the waste. This kind of story reminds us of the consequences if we keep wasting. In addition, I notice another point—obesity. Human beings who living in a space ship, called Axiom, more rely on machines and even don't need to walk eventually. It's too lazy. I'm sure this is not a good phenomenon for us. No one would like to be like that.

Refer to the part I most like, it is definitely the friendship between WALL-E and Eve. Although they're robots, they do have the same emotions as humans do. There are no more words but spirits' meet. When Eve can't recognize who WALL-E is, WALL-E reveals a feeling of sorrow but never gives up arousing her. At that scene, I am heartbroken and dropping tears. Nevertheless robots are made of iron and look emotionless, their true love can be so sincere and touching. It speaks to my heart even more.

To sum up, the animation has some characteristics, like romantic story and significant parts, which I love. I only have a sentence," the director really did a good job! "
No dialogue, No big name actors, no modern music
No problem! Finally an animated movie that dares to be.... animated! Pixar has set a new standard in digital animation. I say digital, because I'd still like to see more traditional hand drawn films. You don't need recognizable voices coming out of animals that resemble them. You don't need cheesy jokes or failed one liners. No musical cues to band either. I don't think I'll be able to watch a computer animated movie for a long time, I'll compare to this for a while. Pixar was not in this for the cheap quick cash in, they made a movie, that I think, will stand the test of time. I can tell people will be watching this for years and years, like Fantasia.
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